Global Stone 2020 Brochure: The New Products

Global Stone 2020 Brochure: The New Products

Feb 10, 2020

Since 2003, Global Stone has provided fresh, on trend and original paving products and accessories. As a leader in product innovation, we have developed the widest choice of natural stone paving products and quality porcelain tiles for the exterior paving market.

Now heading towards our third decade, we continue to provide bestselling natural stone and porcelain paving. Therefore each year we add new colours and sizes to meet demand and stay on trend.

We are delighted to introduce the 2020 brochure, featuring new and existing natural stone and porcelain products.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials known to man, with its wide variation of colour, textures and shade. Therefore, Global Stone provides a wide variety of natural stone paving and accessories, from granite through to clay pavers, limestone, slate and, our largest range, sandstone. Above all, there is a solution for every garden landscape.

We currently have ten ranges within the natural stone collection, with four ranges dedicated to sandstone: Old Rectory, Artisan, Premium Sandstone and Gardenstone. They all have unique features, hence why they have remained firm favourites and bestsellers with our customers.

We have continued to grow our natural stone collection in the 2020 brochure.

Artisan Collection

We expanded our sandblasted stippled effect Artisan Serenity Paving Range, with two new colours. Firstly, Dunmore Cream, a gentle blend of creams and pinks, and secondly, Allendale Grey, both available in large 600 x 900mm.

Next, we extended our Artisan Mirage sandstone paving, with a beautifully honed finish, reflecting the stone’s natural mica, with a smooth surface. New for the 2020 brochure is a beautiful Mandana Blend, with hues of brown and cream.

Premium Sandstone Collection

Due to demand, we increased our ever-popular Premium Sandstone Collection, introducing a new colour Ravenna, plus a 600 series size, which consists project packs along with single sizes. Ravenna is a vibrant sandstone, consisting of bold pinks, browns and golds. Furthermore, our Premium Sandstone is carefully cut by hand, to give it its natural look. The surfaces are riven, thus creating unique and an undulating appearance.

Gardenstone Collection

Our ever popular Gardenstone is designed with quality and value in mind. Our Gardenstone Collection now includes a tumbled version of Raj Blend, which has a smoother surface and edges to give it a naturally aged look. Raj Blend Tumbled has a stunning blend of pink, green and yellow tones.

Mixed Colour Setts

Mixed Colour Setts are a new addition to the Pathway Setts range. These small, hand cut pieces add detail that welcomes and draws the eye towards the home and garden.

Clay Pavers

Our very popular Clay Pavers now include two new colours; Rustic Flame and Cherry Blend. Rustic Flame consists of a buff blend of browns and reds. Cherry Blend clay pavers have a bolder, blended red appearance. Clay pavers can be used for courtyard and smaller spaces, thus suitable to landscape an entire area, or as borders.

Limestone Collection

We have added to our Limestone Collection with two new colours; Imperial Blue; a fantastic blend of blues and greys and Kurnool Grey. Limestone is an ageless material with natural texture, suiting both contemporary and traditional settings; a firm favourite of designers and homeowners for generations. Along with Midnight, which fades from black to grey over time (with new single sizes), Honey Blend; a yellow, grey and copper blend, and Cathedral (which concludes the choice of grey Limestone paving) are also now available in 15.3m2 project packs.

Natural Stone Accessories

We are expanding our natural stone accessories in the Artisan Serenity Range. Firstly introducing new copings and steps in Dunmore Cream and Allendale Grey, followed by rounded sandstone stepping stones in Buff Brown and Raj Blend and finally, walling to the Gardenstone Collection.


Our porcelain collection boasts seventeen ranges within its portfolio. Porcelain paving is manmade from natural materials, including highly refined and purified clay and finely ground sand. The products are created by pressing and firing at very high temperatures, to remove virtually all the moisture, therefore resulting in a highly durable strong product.

Benefits of Porcelain

A major benefit of porcelain paving is that it allows for a seamless transition from outside from inside living spaces, which have grown more popular in homes in recent years. Internal porcelain has some different features to external: it is thinner than external porcelain at 10-11mm thick making it easier to accommodate specifications of the home. It is also smoother in texture, while maintaining anti-slip qualities, for a pleasant feel underfoot. Stepping into the garden (onto external porcelain at 20mm thick) the texture of the paving changes to provide anti-slip qualities more in line with outside factors.

We are delighted to introduce four new ranges to our porcelain collection in the 2020 brochure; Small Size Series, Exquisite Range, Station Range and Position Range.

Small Size Series

Small Size Series Aran Black & Aran Grey

The Small Size Series lives up to its name; combining all the benefits of porcelain, coupled with a small format flexibility and versatility. Therefore, it enables the creation of driveways, pathways, courtyards or decorative edgings and features to complement paved areas. The Small Size Series is available in two sizes 200 x 200mm and 200 x 300mm and five colours. Overall, they are an ideal creative, yet functional addition to a variety of bespoke projects and designs.

Exquisite Range

Exquisite Range features a textured fossilised effect throughout the porcelain. The Exquisite Range is available in a range of different colours: Coral, Cocoa, Olive and Silver. In fact, the dark, yet warm colours are bang on trend for 2020.

Station Range

Porcelain Station Iron

The Station Range is the porcelain solution to slate. Available in three colourways and formats of 600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm: Pearl, Black and Iron. The Station Range has natural looking veins, finished by a riven appearance, thus the perfect alternative to natural slate.

Position Range

Position Stance Dark

The Position Range is the bold new range to include project packs 17.55m2, in addition to the more traditional single size paving. It is available in three new colours, Pose Beige, Outlook Grey and Stance Dark.

Porcelain Cladding

Finally, Porcelain Cladding is becoming increasingly popular in landscape projects. Therefore, we are delighted to include in our cladding range a new design in three colours; Charcoal, Pebble and Lady Grey. Our Cladding Range is available in a variety of colours and three different designs. Proving popular, it can be used both externally and internally and is great for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, porcelain cladding is easy and quick to use, making it ultimately a low maintenance option.


Take a closer look at our new and existing products by downloading the 2020 brochure on our website.