6 Patio Revamp Ideas For Spring

6 Patio Revamp Ideas For Spring

Apr 13, 2023

Building or modifying your patio may be the last thing on your mind in the depths of winter, but with spring just 12 weeks away, it’s not too early to start gathering creative ideas for the most crucial elements of your garden

Build a firepit

Not only is a firepit great for spring and summer evenings, but it will make your patio more inviting in colder months too. Global Stone’s diverse range of pavers and wallings give you the quality raw materials needed for an eye-catching firepit.

Take a seat

Great outdoor seating makes a garden even more relaxing and pleasant to be in. Why not add capacity for those summer barbecues by adding wallings/copings that double as seating? Take a look at our Old Rectory Collection and see what’s possible.

Get creative with your garden path

Garden paths can be a fantastic feature alongside the focal point of your patio. The stones and aggregates available today mean you can create some truly exotic and beautiful garden paths. Let your imagination run wild – or take inspiration from this fantastic path selection.

Go private

It’s great to be able to relax in your garden and not feel like you’re being observed. That’s not always possible in urban gardens, but you can give your patio area a feel of seclusion by adding large potted plants or by putting up a trellis. You could also choose easy (and fast) growing hedge plants, for a greener look. And for a little extra protection from the elements, you might consider a pergola.

Go rustic

Patios can sometimes lack character – but not when you take advantage of Global Stone’s amazing range of pavers and cobbles. Why not take your patio in a rustic or traditional direction, with our Gardenstone or Old Rectory Collections?

Go contemporary

If you’d prefer your patio to take on a more modern look, you won’t be disappointed by our comprehensive range of chic, contemporary pavers. Take a look at the clean lines of our granite pavers, our Serenity Paving, or our Petrous Porcelain Collection.