8 Best Block Paving Patterns for Distinctive & Creative Looks

8 Best Block Paving Patterns for Distinctive & Creative Looks

Apr 13, 2023

Block paving, or brick paving, is a method used to create decorative pavement for your outdoor space. Block paving patterns might not be on your list when renovating or building a new home. But they are an important addition and consideration as they increase your home’s curb appeal. 

There are countless looks that can be achieved using different types of paving patterns. From traditional to modern, there are different patterns to suit everyone’s style and taste. These different paving patterns create different effects in your space.

But with that many options available, it can be a bit confusing to design your outdoor space. So, we’ve come up with this guide to help you build your dream outdoor space. We’ve listed the top paving patterns that are ideal for every style and taste.

1. Basketweave Block Paving Pattern

Basketweave is one of the most popular block paving patterns that brings a traditional charm to your space. It resembles the appearance of a basket weave featuring interlacing blocks that produce a look as if the slabs are weaving under and over each other. If you want to experiment more, you can use different coloured slabs to create eye-catching patterns. However, this block paving pattern is ideal for square areas so that you can easily achieve the basket weave pattern without cutting any block paving slabs.

2. Stretcher Bond Block Paving Pattern

If you want to achieve the look you have with the different types of bricks for garden walls on your outdoor floors, a stretcher bond would be the one for you. These types of block paving patterns replicate the brick-laid walls and create a clean, uniform and, at the same time, give a traditional look to your outdoors. This paving pattern can also be referred to as a running bond or half bond. Many homeowners prefer the stretcher bond paving pattern because it takes less time to lay in comparison to the other patterns.

3. Herringbone Block Paving Pattern

Herringbone is among the type of block paving patterns that might look a bit complex, but at the same time, it is attractive. This paving pattern is ideal for the driveway as it does not shift out of alignment, even under heavy loads. Herringbone can be laid in two different patterns, namely at 90-degree or 45-degree angles. 90-degree herringbone paving is easy to lay and brings a simple look to your outdoors. On the other hand, 45-degree herringbone paving is a bit difficult to achieve as it requires a lot more accuracy.

4. Circular Block Paving Patterns

The Paving circle pattern creates a focal point in your garden and outdoor space. You can surround your circular patterns with tall and extra-large planters to significantly impact the look of your space. You can either invest in circular slabs or bring a pebbled mosaic to achieve the circular pattern. But, installing circular pavers in your outdoor space requires a lot of hard work and expertise. So, hire professionals and experts who can easily do this job for you.

5. Random Block Paving Patterns

This block paving pattern uses different colours, sizes, shapes and styles of paving blocks that are randomly laid to create a unique look for your garden or other exterior areas. However, if you love a simple and subtle look, you can go for single-coloured paving blocks.

6. Stack Bond Block Paving Pattern

One of the simplest types of block paving patterns for your outdoor space. Stack Bond paving pattern involves the neat arrangement of block pavers in aligned rows, one on top of the next. You can even lay the 45-degree stack bond paving pattern if you want a distinctive touch to your space. It’s versatile and works with a number of materials, including limestone and sandstone paving. The best part about this pattern is that it can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for garden pathways.

7. Interlocking Block Paving Patterns

Interlocking patterns give a stunning geometric look to your outdoor space that is incredibly sturdy. Apart from being sturdy, this paving pattern allows water drainage after rainfall. You can achieve the interlocking pattern you can see on the footpaths around your area using block pavers of different colours and shapes.

8. Planted Block Paving Patterns

Grass block pavers or planted block paving are ideal for creating relaxed pathways, stunning parking areas, strong driveways and beautiful gardens. You can let the grass grow or plant different flowers in between each paver to add a more colourful feel. If you are more towards the natural look, this paving pattern would be the one for you.


These are the different block paving patterns you can give to your outdoor space and garden to make your area stand out. You must make sure to take help from professionals and experts. They will help you give a clean and neat look.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions will help you understand the different types of paving patterns so that you can easily choose the one that suits your needs and style.

Q1. What is the best pattern for block paving?

The most popular and contemporary paving patterns are 45-degree and 90-degree herringbone patterns. However, there is no compulsion to use the herringbone pattern. You can choose the one that suits your style and budget best.

Q2. What are the most popular bond patterns for brick pavers?

Basketweave, Herringbone, Stretcherbond and Stack Bond are the most popular paving patterns.

Q3. How do you lay block paving patterns?

Here are the steps involved in laying the paving patterns:

Step 1 – Digging the Surface

Step 2 – Frame the Block Paving

Step 3 – Preparing the Sub-base

Step 4 – Laying the block pavers in different patterns