List of 8 Modern Commercial Architecture Design Trends

List of 8 Modern Commercial Architecture Design Trends

Apr 13, 2023

With time, everything changes, be it technology or approach to architecture. When we talk about commercial architecture, you want the space to be modern, professional, and welcoming. Commercial architecture design is essential in improving a business’s overall effectiveness.

Precise, uniform and clean design trends are currently prioritised in commercial architecture design. Sharp edges and geometric shapes are most likely to be present. The architecture can substantially influence the interior layout of a retail area, office, lobby, restaurant, or other commercial facilities.

But the architectural designs are not just limited to this. Many design ideas can be incorporated into your office, hotel, restaurant, or commercial space.

If you want to know those design ideas, consider reading this article. We’ve listed the best modern commercial architecture design ideas to spruce up your space.

1. Natural Light is Must

Natural light is necessary for modern commercial buildings as it adds a great aesthetic appeal. Not only does the natural light bring an aesthetically pleasing look, but it also improves employee positivity. It’s essential to design and place the windows to allow natural sunlight to pour into the space. This will help open up an area and make your small space look bigger. Make sure you hire a professional and skilled architect to plan & design the best places for natural light and windows.

Consider installing natural stone window sills if you want to give your windows a decorative look. This will not only provide a pleasing look but also support your windows.

2. Using the Impossible 

Unusual materials are also often used in modern buildings. These materials frequently function as eco-friendly substitutes for conventional materials as more and more of the globe advances toward sustainability. However, sustainable design is not always the focus. Some architects use 3D printing, polymers, and other materials to construct structures that we didn’t even think would be possible.

3. Invest in Digital Signage

It can be challenging to keep up with technology because it develops at such a rapid rate. The realm of digital signage is no exception to this. Digital signage has improved to the point where it may be incorporated into the design of a commercial building rather than just being an LED billboard by the highway. Businesses can refresh their branding in real-time and make it evident that they value modernity and technology by using digital signage components. You can incorporate these digital displays most creatively when working with professional and skilled architects.

4. Spruce Up Your Interiors with Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is one of the best modern commercial architecture designs used in commercial buildings. They bring a sophisticated touch to any space. You can use different interior wall cladding materials to spruce up your hotel, office, restaurant, or other commercial building.

5. Open Up the Interiors

There were times when the interiors of the commercial buildings had partitions in between areas. But now, the time has changed. Commercial building owners prefer open interiors to give them extra space to breathe and incorporate into something useful. Open interiors allow building owners to convert them into small areas for conferences, meeting rooms, or anything useful.

6. Eye-catching Geometric Patterns

Large, striking designs are becoming common in commercial buildings. Large geometric designs can be employed on tile floors or accent walls. These patterns are used to liven up boring and plain spaces. Commercial rooms will have more character if these geometric patterns are used.

7. Incorporate Mural Art for Elevation

A great piece of art can do a lot of wonders to your space. You can invest in mural arts to embellish the front part of your commercial space. Various modern mural designs for elevation will help you transform your office, hotel, or any other commercial space.

8. Use Warmer Paint Colours

Buildings now have more life and splendour after years of looking at white and grey colours. The paint colours truly make a huge difference when they are warmer and calmer. Gone are the days when building owners prefer grey and white colours to paint their commercial spaces. Now they are shifting their interest toward a more modern approach. Painting the commercial space with different colours, rather than just painting it white, would be the best approach for a modern commercial space.


These are the modern commercial architecture design ideas to revamp your office, restaurant, hotel, or any other commercial space. Make sure you hire the best and most skilled architect to design and map your requirements.