10 Creative Covered Patio Ideas to Shelter Your Outdoor Area

10 Creative Covered Patio Ideas to Shelter Your Outdoor Area

Apr 13, 2023

A well-built and well-covered patio will always give your outdoors a welcoming and calming vibe. You can incorporate different covered patio ideas to turn your simple looking outdoors into a chic and cosy one. You can incorporate the best ideas that will not only give an aesthetically pleasing look but also protect you from scorching heat, heavy rain and chilling winters.

We’ve listed some of the creative roofed patio ideas that are both functional and beautiful. These patio ideas focus on creating a one-of-a-kind space. So, if you are looking for some inspiration and want to spruce up your outdoors, consider reading this article.

1. Build a Pergola

Pergola is one of the best and most effective covered patio ideas. You don’t have to invest much, just build a simple stone pergola structure and adorn it with beautiful lights, greenery and waterproof roofing. However, make sure to build a pergola with a suitable size that matches perfectly with your outdoor patio.

2. Cover Your Patio with Trees

If you are a nature lover, these patio cover ideas will be perfect for you. You can cover your patio with the right selection of trees and plants. They will provide adequate shade and privacy to your outdoor living space.

3. Go With Glass Covered Patio Ideas

Consider investing in the glass-covered patio if you want to bring a contemporary look and feel to your outdoor space. You can decorate the glass box with lighting and greenery. It will create a seamless link between your indoors and outdoors. This is also one of the best and most effective ways for garden soundproofing.

4. Use an Umbrella to Give a Modern Look

A cantilever umbrella generally pivots to follow the sun so you are not blinded mid-lunch and has the pole on one side, which may better fit your furniture arrangement. A patio table or a freestanding umbrella with a substantial foundation are also acceptable options. When not in use, always lay them flat as they are susceptible to wind damage.

5. A Neat Awning is All You Need

If you want to provide a little bit of protection close to the home, a neat awning is one of the best outdoor covered patio ideas. When you’re lounging outside, this makes it quick and simple to hop in and out for additional drinks or nibbles. Additionally, awnings can prevent the light from shining through your windows while you’re inside working.

For optimum flexibility, there are several retractable solutions available, but more permanent constructions still have their place. However, adding the central glass panes will maintain the room feeling open and bright and go perfectly with the house’s exterior.

6. Covered Patio With Slatted Sides

Slatted sides allow for the maximum light to enter and the summer breeze to gently circulate your seating area. Apart from being functional, they look stylish, too and add a bit of privacy.

7. Bring Garden Net to Your Patio Roof

A garden net is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to create a covered patio ambience without having to do a lot of DIY or invest in pricey permanent choices if you only need periodic light patio coverage.

Obviously, a net won’t protect you from heavy rain, but on a nice, chilly evening, it can help create an enchanted environment when combined with a patio heater and some gorgeous fairy lights. Apart from this, you can incorporate different patio design ideas to transform your outdoor space.

8. Add a Permanent Patio Cover

Installing a permanent cover is one of the best ideas to spruce up your outdoor space. It will make your outdoor space a much more fun space to spend time and even host parties. So, if your budget allows, you can go for a permanent patio cover.

9. Flat Wooden Covered Patio

Build a contemporary hardwood flat-roof overhead so that you can unwind and take in the scenery. Because there is less exposure to damaging elements when full coverage is added, there is more freedom to experiment with the style of furniture and accents utilised outside.

10. Louvred Canopy Can Do Wonders

Incorporating the louvered canopy in your outdoor space is one of the best roofed patio ideas. It’s a versatile structure that is attached to a house like an extension or freestanding. The best part about a canopy is that you can adjust the coverage you want. With the help of the louvred canopy, you can build an outdoor kitchen or even a small, temporary room to unwind.

However, make sure the canopy matches all the elements of your patio, including porcelain, natural stone paving, furniture and other elements.


These are some of the amazing, creative and unique covered patio ideas to bring a bold statement to your outdoors. Make sure to incorporate the idea that matches your home’s overall look and design.