Driveway Cobblestones – Modern Ideas For a Traditional Stone

Driveway Cobblestones – Modern Ideas For a Traditional Stone

Apr 13, 2023

Cobblestones present one of the most effective means of creating a traditional look in any outside space. They boast a long history in the world of paving.

Today’s commercial cobblestones differ markedly from those used centuries ago. Often rounded pebbles collected from riverbeds, these stones create a visually appealing yet highly bumpy surface.

Today, cobblestones are usually fashioned from quarried granite or sandstone paving slabs. They offer an Old World aesthetic appeal while making for a highly usable outdoor surface – perfect for car driveways, paths, or simply an even and safe outdoor area for seating or barbecues.

Why Driveway Cobblestones Instead of Concrete or Tarmac?

Driveway Cobblestones add visual interest to a driveway or path in a way that a blender concrete or tarmac surface cannot. Cobblestones also add a sense of exclusivity while supporting overall traditional/ modern design aesthetics. In short, cobblestone arrangements can make an outdoor space look fantastic.

Different Ideas for Using Driveway Cobblestones

No doubt, the driveway cobblestones add significant advantages to your outdoor space. However, you can bring your creative side to play with these stones. You can use driveway cobblestones in various ways to enhance your outdoor space’s appearance. Have a look at those ideas below.

Traditional and Modern Spaces

Small stones lend themselves to patterns, but the herringbone and basket weave arrangements are trendy in traditional outdoor areas.

For more contemporary or minimalist outdoor spaces, more geometric patterns are often selected, frequently reflecting the modern architecture of the adjacent building.

Premium Sandstone Paving Collection can be significantly harnessed in traditional and contemporary cobblestone layouts. For an even more hard-wearing yet still visually alluring cobble material, explore our Granite Collection.

Balancing Practicality With Visual Allure

In most instances, consumers look for a practical yet attractive arrangement for their car driveway or path. Still, numerous more unusual ideas exist for those seeking to add uniqueness to such a space. For those with the time and budget, circular pavers might be used to revitalise a driveway or make a feature of pathway endings and beginnings – great for longer, wider paths.

Encourage Moss Between Pavers

For those seeking to add a more rustic feel to their traditional paved area, moss can create a visually delightful look. Shaded, moist areas will best encourage moss to grow this way, while soil acidification can further support this attractive plant’s colonisation. Transplanted strips should not be too thin, as they can dry out quickly. It is also possible to transplant from another area. If you are a fan of nature and greenery, you can also install different Planters Collection to enhance the look of your space.

Combining Driveway Cobblestones with Larger Pavers

Cobblestone need not be used solely on their own. They can be successfully coupled with more giant flagstones or pavers. A popular way to marry the two is to create cobblestone borders around paved areas.

Long Live the Cobblestone

The modern take on the cobblestone represents a truly versatile material that can be used in all outdoor spaces, being extremely practical and visually appealing.


Driveway cobblestones improve the overall appearance of your outdoor space. This guide might have helped you to know this material better. But ensure you get your work done with the best and most experienced hands.

Driveway Cobblestones – FAQs

We have seen that there are many people having doubts when it comes to driveway cobblestones. So, to keep all their doubts away, we are here with some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q1. Are cobblestone driveways expensive?

Yes, driveway cobblestones are on the expensive side. But make sure you are getting these stones installed by experienced hands.

Q2. Is cobblestone cheaper than pavers?

Cobblestone pavers are the expensive stones used for outdoor space. However, if you have a budget problem but at the same time you want a similar look to that of cobblestone, then you might consider installing concrete pavers.

Q3. Can you lay cobblestone over concrete?

Yes, you can lay these stones directly over existing concrete. Cobblestone will be a perfect choice if you plan to upgrade your concrete surface.

Q4. How do you maintain a cobblestone driveway?

There are specific tips that you need to consider when cleaning and maintaining a cobblestone driveway:
1. Start cleaning the dirt and debris away with a broom, or you may use a leaf blower to do that for you. But make sure you do not use the power washer for cleaning.
2. Now it’s time to remove all the weeds with a natural solution like vinegar and water. Once you pull all the weeds, fill in the cracks between paving slabs with polymeric sand. It prevents weeds from growing and keeps your garden or outdoor space clean.
3. Now protect the appearance of your paving slabs by applying a surface sealant.
In this way, you can maintain and clean the driveway cobblestones.

Q5. Is cobblestone stronger than stone?

Both cobblestone and stone have a blast resistance of 30. So, both are strong. The only reason for choosing cobblestone over a stone is the appearance it offers.