Top Tips For Designing Your 2020 Garden

Top Tips For Designing Your 2020 Garden

Mar 03, 2020

In the lead up to 2020, you may be looking towards the Summer months, considering a redesign of your garden. Read our top tips on what to consider when looking at your new garden design.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of garden design for 2020 and beyond.

There are many ways to create a garden with positive wellbeing in mind. One way is to plant a sensory garden, which is designed to boost sense of touch, taste and smell. Plant herbs such as rosemary and lavender; they smell beautiful when you run your hands over them and taste great in a meal. Plant herbs such as chamomile and thyme in between paving to soften the borders and add to your edible garden.

For tranquillity and calm, add a water feature to your garden. For a traditional garden, use a sandstone drilled sphere; the water gently trickles over the top of it, or, for a contemporary twist, create a water wall using porcelain cladding.

Outdoor Kitchens

Due to its low absorption of moisture, porcelain is the perfect worktop, walling and flooring for outdoor kitchen and eating areas. Splashes of fat on the worktop, wine spills on the ground and general foody leftovers will not soak into the porcelain, meaning it is easier to clean and maintain.

Darker Coloured Paving

Throughout 2019, grey was top of the list of trending colours. Fast forward to the 2020’s: darker paving such as black and earthy colours are leading the garden design trend in the new decade.

Pick a bold feature colour for furniture, plants or fencing, which allows the dark paving to ‘pop’, and vice versa. Within smaller garden designs, darker paving gives the illusion of space, especially when used alongside large format paving.

Darker coloured paving within the natural stone collection include Old Rectory in Monsoon, Limestone in Midnight or Carbon from the Slate collection. For an earthy character, porcelain paving colours include Corten Steel from the Metallics range or Hudson and Westland from Siena. For even darker colours, Albero in Blackened or Twilight from the Context range are proving popular.

In recent years, living walls have become increasingly popular. Green walls are proven to provide more oxygen and directly boosts wellbeing to those who are around it. As new build gardens are made smaller, it’s important to take advantage of all the garden space, including using wall and fence space. Not only are green walls striking to look at, but depending on what you plant, they can be a great source for food.

When it comes to hard landscaping garden design, use large format paving to give the illusion of larger space. Premium Sandstone in York Green comes in a large single size 570 x 1140mm, and Porcelain in Context, Toscana and Mixed Size Series are available in size 600 x 1200mm and come in a variety of beautiful colours.

Inspired? Check out our paving collection to continue your garden design journey.