Garden Soundproofing – 7 Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution

Garden Soundproofing – 7 Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution

Apr 13, 2023

Gardens are places where you can relax, unwind and take advantage of the natural light & beauty. But if you live in a high-traffic area, all your peaceful, relaxing time can be disrupted. There’s nothing worse than noise pollution when you’re trying to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. So, this is when garden soundproofing becomes important. If you want to enjoy your peaceful time without being interrupted by the traffic or neighbours’ noise, you should consider implementing some ideas.

These effective ideas will surely make your garden soundproof. So, if you want to know these ideas and effective ways, read this article until the end. We’ll go through some effective tips that will be the perfect solution for noise pollution.

1. Make Brick Walls

One of the most effective ways for garden soundproofing is the brick walls. This is because the bricks are dense, making sound waves impossible to pass through them. Apart from this, brick walls are strong and durable, which means they will act as a sound barrier for years. You just need to ensure the wall’s height and thickness are enough to block all the unwanted noises. Build a wall at least 6 ft high. You can even go further and build a wall of 8 ft in height. So, you can look for different types of bricks for garden walls and choose the one that suits your style and budget.

2. Consider Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your garden soundproof. A tight-slatted fence panel may be ideal for a quick and simple sound barrier. 

Garden fencing is a popular option, and as a result, it is widely available. There are numerous possibilities accessible due to the wide variety of styles and timbers. You may even construct a totally custom fence to the design of your garden and showcase your taste using composite or oak battens. This will not only improve your outdoor garden’s aesthetics but also act as a sound barrier.

But if you live in a high-traffic area, wooden fencing is not recommended as it is not an effective solution. However, wooden fencing is effective in areas with lower-level noise.

3. Install Plant Hedges

Installing plant hedges is another effective way for garden soundproofing. These hedges will look good and block noise levels from entering your garden. You should remember that these hedges are not very dense, so they will not completely block the noise pollution but can reduce it to such levels that you can enjoy your relaxing time in the garden. Make sure the hedges are tall and thick enough to work as a sound barrier.

Plant hedges are best for muffling the sound of traffic and replacing them with the natural, relaxing and calming sound of the breeze.

4. Covering the Sound

This is an excellent option for garden soundproofing without investing much of your time and money. You can cover the sound of traffic and other unwanted things by placing a water feature, creating a beautiful patio pond, or encouraging wildlife into your garden. They will bring an aesthetically pleasing look and mask the sound of traffic and other unwanted things. Make sure to place the water feature near the source from where the noise is coming.

5. Add Metal or Stone Screens

Metal or stone screening is the modern solution for garden soundproofing. They have great qualities like durability, easy maintenance, and robustness, making them an ideal choice for reducing noise pollution. Metal and stone screens can also add a bold statement to your outdoor garden. However, they cannot block higher noise levels, just like plant hedges.

6. Go for Acoustic Fences

Keeping in mind the noise problem in the gardens, many companies started manufacturing acoustic barrier fences. They will help you deal with the higher noise levels so you can relax in the garden. However, you need to ensure the product’s quality is good; otherwise, you might end up wasting your money, and still, you won’t be able to block unusual noises. So, always look for good quality products.

Acoustic fences are made of wood with two outside faces and an interior core of mass-loaded vinyl or fibre wool that will work as a soundproofing material to block unwanted noises. These fences are dense and reflect sound waves.

7. Wind Chimes for a Beautiful Addition

The relaxing sound of the wind chimes helps mask the traffic or neighbours’ noise and can be a beautiful addition to your garden. Though, wind chimes might not be an effective solution to block noise pollution. But they are great at masking sound. However, you need to keep your home garden healthy to maintain the beautiful look of your outdoors and also, you can enjoy your relaxing time.


These are some of the best ideas and effective ways for garden soundproofing and helping reduce unwanted noise. You need to remember that these ideas will not be completely soundproof in your garden, but they can greatly reduce noise.