Global Stone donates stone to Barnardo’s project

Global Stone donates stone to Barnardo’s project

Sep 22, 2017

Berechurch Children’s Sensory Garden project with Barnardo’s

This project began with a donation of £500 from a couple who had previously volunteered at Barnardo’s. They were hoping to adopt a child and needed some relevant childcare experience and Barnardo’s supported them through their adoption journey. After their two-year-old daughter was placed with them, the couple made their generous donation. They asked that the money goes towards something that would benefit children and their families. Barnardo’s decided to renovate a small grassed area at the main Family Hub into a children’s sensory garden.

The aim is to provide families in Colchester and surrounding villages with an enclosed, safe and accessible space. They can enjoy outdoor fun and learning, to meet up and socialise with each other and encourage outdoor play. The main sensory area will be especially useful for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Supporting this project, Global Stone donated natural mirage paving from Artisan in Rose Modak, providing a safe area to walk. It also brings out the sensory garden’s landscape, which is the brainchild of designer and landscaper, Steven Digby. We also have the support of Azpects, who are providing their grouting materials.

Steven is open to volunteering opportunities and suppliers who’d like to support the project. You can contact him on or 07788 852292.

If you’re inspired to do your own landscape design, check out our Mirage Paving here.