Large Patios: How To Break Them Up In Style

Large Patios: How To Break Them Up In Style

Apr 13, 2023

Patios in larger garden spaces can sometimes be a little overwhelming – or even barren looking – especially if they are simply vast tracts of pavers

However, with a little creative thought, larger patios can be broken up into a series of intimate outdoor spaces or ‘rooms’, which are far easier on the eye and more pleasant to be in.

Naturally, it’s prudent to consider how these different patio spaces will look before any pavers are laid. That said, if a large patio has already been laid, it is of course possible to modify the area into a variety of patio zones.

Indeed, even if your patio is to host three or four distinct paved areas, it’s a good idea to select the same paver type. You can then subtly alter the pattern or layout for each zone, whilst maintaining an overall aesthetic.

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An easy way to break up two paved areas is to leave empty spaces in which to plant small trees or shrubs. A series of narrow, upright trees might be ideal for surrounding a dining area – engendering a touch of intimacy.

You can maintain a formal style by filling paver-shaped spaces with gravel, mulch or sand.


If you intend to invest in furniture for your patio, you can distinguish each paved area with subtly different types of seating or tables. In sunny weather you can emphasise the different outdoor zones with sets of coloured pillows – for example blue for the dining area, orange for the relaxation or sun-bathing zone, etc.

A protected area

Given the UK’s unpredictable weather, it might be sensible to choose one patio area to offer protection against the elements. Pergolas offer drama as well as protection from wind and light drizzle, while a good old fashioned table umbrella embedded in a suitable table shields patio users from the rain. Further protection from the wind and light precipitation might be offered by small hedges, slim wood uprights or fences.


While it can be a substantial undertaking, building a fireplace in one of your patio zones makes for a striking focal point, and encourages outdoor gatherings even in cooler months. You might build concrete benches into the fireplace, and plant hedges behind the feature to increase the sense of intimacy.

A large patio doesn’t have to be boring – indeed, it offers a wealth of opportunities to be creative and to make an outdoor space that people truly love to be in.