7 Greatest Tips to Install Large Pavers for Patio Design

7 Greatest Tips to Install Large Pavers for Patio Design

Apr 13, 2023

Large patio pavers are among the best choices for giving an outdoor space a modern makeover. If you want to make your yard feel more modern without spending a lot of money, large pavers for patio are an excellent place to start. These pavers are the polar opposite of discreet when it comes to paving ideas, which is why we are seeing more of them in outdoor patio designs.

Large paving slabs, which seem more like luxury tile flooring, provide an instant indoor-outdoor effect since they are bold and visible. These pavers can also be used to create various design elements in your patio design ideas.

7 Creative Ideas to Use Large Pavers for Patio

Go With Light Colours

If you want to incorporate one of this year’s top garden trends into your space, the best advice is to stick with light, neutral colours. Aim for both a dramatic size and an overly saturated colour. It will overwhelm your outdoor space with its plain hues and texture.

Even if you choose a gently coloured choice, the large dimensions and nature of the tile will make it stand out. Large paving is ideal if you want to create a dramatic design feature. You can emphasise it by complementing the colour of your furniture with that of the paving.

Fill Paver Joints with Different Materials

Filling the joints between large concrete pavers can be done with various materials. You can even try laying down a grass bed between paver joints. It will provide the pathway with some greenery without disturbing its utility.

Further, the grass will also stand out against large pavers for patio. Another factor to consider is the amount of space between the pavers. Negative space between patio pavers can provide a lot of visual appeal.

Mix Paver Sizes

Porcelain pavers are fantastic because they come in various sizes, allowing you to be incredibly creative with your space. You can blend our large format porcelain patio pavers with regular-sized pavers to create appealing paver patterns.

Regular-sized rectangular pavers and edging can also be used to create a luxury outdoor living space. Various designs can be created by mixing different paver sizes. There is no end when it comes to the number of layouts you can form, as it totally depends on your imagination.

Use Alongside a Beautiful Border

Upgrade your borders as you install large pavers for patio. Even small gardens can benefit from this idea as large-sized pavers dramatically accentuate your area’s overall look and feel. These extra large pavers are a statement piece for your garden design idea when coupled with a border.

The border provides a nice touch of interest and nicely divides the grass and patio area. Use this extra planting area wisely by establishing a herbaceous border or constructing a tiny kitchen garden.

Work with Professionals to Install Large Pavers

Installing large pavers for patio might be a bit typical given their size and angles you want to fit them at. We recommend installing these extra large pavers by professional landscapers to ensure no gap is left in your paving job.

If you are installing large sized natural stones, then getting them sealed might be a good idea. It will prevent major weathering and secure your stone for years to come. Ensure all of this is taken into account before you get a quote from the landscaping company or start working on the project.

Create a Focal Point with Large Pavers

You can easily create a focal point in your patio design by exclusively installing large or small-sized pavers in the area. This will attract attention towards that particular detail and allow you to create statement pieces.

However, it is important to note that large pavers might not suit all kinds of spaces. As their overall size is bigger than conventional paving, these pavers can bear less load and must not be used for driveways.

Extra Large Pavers for Elevated Area

When designing your outdoor area, keep in mind the latest interior design trends. Mix and match bright and contrasting furnishings with traditional timber finishes for a modern look.

Raised patio ideas can be more attractive by setting it up as the central social hub of the outdoor space. You can achieve this by paving elevated or raised areas with large pavers for patio.


Make no difference between little pavers for small spaces and large pavers for extended ones. Small pavers add textural interest and make a place feel cosier, whilst large format pavers make a space feel more expansive and less busy (especially when using a jointing compound that’s a close colour match).

Some pavers are provided in three-size random bundles, making selection easier. You can find large-sized porcelain pavers at Global Stone Landscaping Supplies. Choose from a wide selection of pavers that vary in design, colour and texture.