8 Simple Ways to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

8 Simple Ways to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Apr 13, 2023

The urban homeowner often has several objectives for their garden. They may, for example, want it to be a play space for their children, somewhere to entertain in warmer months, as well as somewhere to grow herbs. However, given the modest size of many urban gardens, it is often tricky to successfully meet all such desires.

However, numerous solutions may make a small garden look appealing as well-kept backyards. Here we have shared 8 simple ways to make small garden look bigger and more lovely.

Use Vertical Space

Because small gardens generally lack floor area, it is a good idea to look up and use vertical space. Utilise your garden walls to add greenery, and plant trees that grow upwards rather than outwards along the sides. Filling the margins of your garden with climbers or even erecting a living wall can give you extra ground-level space to do anything you want.

You can also use a vertical rack to hold small and medium-sized pots. Plants that stay small work best in a vertical frame since they do not get in each other’s way and make small garden look bigger.

Create Zones

After selecting what you want in your garden, you can start thinking about layouts. Making zones is a quick and easy technique to make a tiny garden appear larger. Rather than using the entire space, divide it into ‘rooms.’ Create a dining area with a patio or decking, a box hedge to divide the grass, or use decorative stones to separate the front and back sections of the garden.

You can also create different levels in the garden area to separate space. A lower portion could accommodate your plants, while a higher part of your garden may suit living areas.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, which is frequently disregarded, has a big impact on your garden’s aesthetic. Lighting generates a sense of depth, enhances architectural details, and even provides extra safety during the darker hours when placed and used correctly. As your eyes ‘flow’ through the landscape, ‘layered’ lighting gives a sense of rhythm. You may give the sense of more space in your yard by strategically placing outdoor lights.

To do this, consider ‘up-lighting’ rows of plants and bushes so that the elements furthest away are highlighted. If you have a tree in the back, use a spotlight to focus your lighting design on it. You may also utilise strip lights to add depth to your border.

Use Large Size Pavers

While it may seem counter-intuitive, laying large format tiles in a small space can have a unifying effect, making a garden seem less claustrophobic. Choosing lighter-coloured pavers can also help make small garden look bigger. You can try something from our range of porcelain tiles and natural stone paving. We have a wide variety of designs, colours, and sizes available to suit every kind of home and garden needs.

Hide The Boundaries

A simple way to make small garden look bigger is to blur the lines between where your garden finishes and the next space. Cottage garden ideas are a simple way to accomplish this. The haphazard planting at various heights will obscure how far your actual borders stretch.

Keep shorter plants closer to your working location to maximise the effect, and allow the heights to increase gradually. Avoiding formal box hedges will also help to blur these lines even more.

Lighter Colours For A Larger Feel

While they have an enlarging effect, lighter coloured pavers can be harder to maintain – especially in winter. Those with limited time might prefer their pavers in more vivid colour, although this could make the garden feel more enclosed.

Apart from this, fencing, believe it or not, has the most significant influence on the appearance of your outdoor space. It has the largest surface area of anything and is typically 5-6 feet tall. So why not use some paint to solve your small garden issue? Dark paints and naturally dark wood tones can make your yard feel more enclosed.

On the other hand, switching to a lighter colour can have the opposite effect. Lighter colours reflect more, allowing more natural light to enter your outdoor space and giving it a more expansive sense. For a neutral aesthetic, paint your fence light grey or cream. Choose sky blue or soft pink for a more modern atmosphere in your yard.

Blend The Space

In recent years, blended living spaces have become a popular garden trend, which is great for tiny gardens since you can essentially borrow space from the inside to give the impression of a larger outdoor space. Bi-fold or sliding doors are a simple method to do this, but if you want something more immediate, flowing the same flooring from inside to out gives a space-expanding effect.

You will not notice the garden’s small proportions since it feels like an extension of the room if you choose decking in the same tone as used inside your home or patio tiles that match the inside floor.

Use Different Textures

When space is limited, texture is essential for providing interest in gardens, just as it is in other small areas within the home. Choose plants that complement each other in a garden concept while also varying in texture. Utilise different kinds of containers to complete the effect.

The combination of greenery, terracotta, wood, and various sized stones all work together to produce a lovely show. It easily fits into a small garden design. Also, you will want to create a range of heights and textures, so use items like timber trunks, sculptures, or even upside-down pots to accomplish so.


These are some ideas to make small garden look bigger and more appealing. In addition to these suggestions, you can declutter your yard by removing redundant items. For example, if you have an unnecessary structure or a dead tree, you can demolish it to make room.

You can also install natural stone accessories like benches and pots to make the outdoor space feel more connected to nature.