The Natural Beauty Of Stone Resonates Through To The Animal Kingdom

The Natural Beauty Of Stone Resonates Through To The Animal Kingdom

Apr 13, 2023

A place to appreciate the beauty of some of the world’s most wonderful animals, Blackpool Zoo is also home to dedicated zookeeper John Paul Houston

Featured in Episode 8 of Love Your Garden, Alan Titchmarsh and his team created a stunning garden for John Paul, nicknamed JP, using products from the Global Stone Natural Stone range Old Rectory.

The aim of the garden was to create a private area for zoo staff to socialise during their break times. The garden also serves as JP’s private garden as he lives onsite in a converted aircraft hangar. Alan and his team wanted the theme of the garden design to reflect the five continents of the world. This was in order to represent diversity. The paw print design, made up of circular ‘enclosures’, represented each of the five continents of the world.

Old Rectory, part of the Natural Stone collection

Global Stone was proud to contribute to the Australian themed paved area. It was created using our Modak Rose circle kit from the Natural Stone Old Rectory range. This specially weathered range has a versatile selection of paving, circles, cobbles, walling and copings. These are all available in varying shades and can be used on their own or together to create a mature appearance.

The Love Your Garden design based on the ‘Australian’ theme created a paved circle with built-in seating using the Old Rectory walling. This created a welcoming entrance to their ‘earth in miniature’. Alan and his team did a terrific job. Transforming a bland and uninspiring patch of grass in to a tranquil private retreat.

If you’ve been inspired by this design and want to find out how you can create your own unique period charm then take a further look at Old Rectory range or visit our inspiration page.