Natural Stone Paving – An Ideal Choice for Outdoors

Natural Stone Paving – An Ideal Choice for Outdoors

Apr 13, 2023

Natural stone paving will remain popular for patios, driveways, pathways, or outdoor areas. No other material can match the beauty and robustness of natural stones. Once these stones are installed into your space, they can last for years. With different materials, shapes, sizes, and colours, you can create a dream and unique area of yours.

The strongest and most popular natural stones are Sandstone, Granite, and Limestone. However, other natural stones are not far behind. They, too, offer excellent durability and a visually appealing look to any space.

So, if you want to understand these natural stones better, you should consider reading this article. Here we’ve discussed some of the essential benefits of installing these natural stones and some popular & durable options for your space.

Different Types of Natural Stone Paving

During the rock cycle, natural stone is created. The liquid and gas particles that created the Earth also produced the minerals found in natural stone pavers. Since then, for many millions of years, blocks of natural stone have been produced by the Earth’s core’s extreme pressure and heat. These blocks are then cut into thin slabs to be utilised in homes to create a beautiful and natural-looking space. So, look at the different types of natural stone paving that are naturally produced.

1. Sandstone

Sandstone Paving offers any space a natural, traditional, contemporary feel. This stone is naturally formed, so every slab has a unique look. This is an ideal natural stone for your home with various colours, patterns, and sizes.

2. Granite

Granite Paving is the strongest and most durable choice for your outdoor paving. Despite its primary dark hue and polished surface, granite is excellent for generating an exquisite design with water-resistant qualities. Its countless colours, textures, and patterns make it an ideal choice for any outdoor setting.

3. Limestone

Limestone Paving is among the popular choices for outdoor flooring as it offers a different look than other natural stones. This natural stone comes in different colours and patterns, creating a unique and attractive look. The evenly coloured limestone pavers will make your garden, patio, or outdoor space stand out. 

4. Slate

With dark and grey shades of Slate Paving, you can give your outdoor space a sophisticated and modern feel. You can bring rich vibes to your flooring. Besides the rich and sophisticated look, this natural stone also prevents algae from forming as it is a porous material. With all these features, Slate becomes an excellent flooring solution where there is little need for maintenance.

5. Marble

Marble is one of the most durable and highest-quality materials for any outdoor setting. This natural stone is ideal for any outdoor space, be it your patios, pool decks, driveways, or walkways. With different colours, patterns, and finishes, marble natural stone paving offers a striking impact on your area.

Benefits of Natural Stone Paving in Your Area

Many people opt for natural stone paving for their space as it offers an attractive and natural feel. However, looks are not the only thing that makes a natural stone a perfect fit for your space. Several other benefits make it an ideal choice for any outdoor setting. We’ve discussed some of the essential benefits below.

  • Natural stone comes with various textures, shapes, sizes, and colours, so you will be able to create unique flooring designs.
  • Using natural stone paving slabs will increase the value of your home. This is because prospective purchasers know that the exterior flooring will last for years and require little maintenance.
  • The installation process is also straightforward. These stones can be laid in any weather conditions. The time and cost of natural stone paving installation are also lower than other materials.
  • Natural stones are very easy to clean. You just need soapy water to remove all the dust. However, you need to learn how to clean paving slabs with some suitable methods. Apart from this, if any slab is broken or damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one.


Natural stone paving is undoubtedly the best flooring solution for your outdoor space, not only in terms of looks but also in terms of durability and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand natural stone paving, we’ve come up with some frequently asked questions.

Q1. What is the best natural stone paving?

Limestone, Sandstone, and Granite are popular choices for natural stone paving.

Q2. Which pavers are best for outdoors?

Slate, Brick Pavers, Limestone, Sandstone, granite, Concrete Pavers, etc. are some of the best materials you can use for your outdoor space. However, ensure the material is durable and robust and can last for years.

Q3. Is Slate paving slippery when wet?

paving offers a non-slip surface that can be used outdoors and in wet areas.