Paver Sealant – Importance of Sealing Your Pavers

Paver Sealant – Importance of Sealing Your Pavers

Apr 13, 2023

Newly installed pavers might add a pleasing and beautiful look to any space. However, with time, these pavers fade and lose their beauty. This is when paver sealant plays a significant role in maintaining the beauty of your pavers.

Paver sealers not only keep your pavers clean but also prevent weed growth between them. However, make sure you are dealing with quality sealers. Apart from this, several other factors make sealing important for your pavers.

So, if you want to learn about them, this article might interest you. You will find a detailed guide on paver sealant below.

What is a Paver Sealant?

Paver sealer can be applied to any pavers to keep out UV radiation and moisture. It is a liquid solution that acts as a protective shield to keep your patio, driveways, walkways, and pool deck pavers look as beautiful as they were on the first day of installation.

Why is Paver Sealant Important?

Paver sealers are crucial for keeping your pavers attractive and ensuring a cleaner look. However, applying high-quality sealers to your paving is essential to avoid staining and fading.

This is one of the many reasons why sealing is essential. Moreover, there are various other reasons to consider sealing your pavers, which we’ve discussed below.

1. Protection from Sunlight

If your pavers are left unprotected and exposed to direct sunlight, there are strong chances of fading. Whether you use Black Limestone Paving or any other natural stone, there will be chances of fading. However, using paver sealant can solve this problem. The sealers will work as a protective shield against UV rays, keeping the beauty and shiny look of your pavers intact.

2. Protection from Water Damage

With time, your pavers might get damaged due to prolonged exposure to water resulting in a dull surface. This is because most of the materials are porous. However, paver sealant acts as a perfect solution for this. Sealing your pavers using quality sealers will provide the surface with a waterproof coating that will protect your pavers from getting damaged by water.

3. Resists Stains

Pavers are used in the areas where a large number of people gather. So, it is evident that there will be spills and stains on the surface. There might even be tough and ugly stains that can spoil the look of your pavers. So, paver sealers prevent the surface from any stains. It can easily resist accidental spills and helps in cleaning the pavers efficiently.

4. Prevents Growth of Grass, Weed, and Moss

The annoying grass and weed that pops out between pavers and moss formation on the surface of the pavers, no one likes at all. If you want to prevent the growth of those unwanted materials, sealing is the one you must consider. Using quality paver sealers, you can prevent the growth of grass, weed, and moss.

5. Increases Lifespan

Whether used in laying a patio or any outdoor space, sealers will increase the lifespan of your pavers. The estimated lifespan of pavers after using sealant can be between 10-15 years. However, it depends on the sealer you used. Suitable quality sealers can increase the lifespan of your pavers by up to 15 years. 

6. Easy to Clean

Cleaning your paving slabs becomes extremely easy if they are coated with paver sealant. Instead of power washing your pavers to remove dirt and debris, paver sealers make this task more accessible with a light wash. Any dirt or debris collected on the sealed surface can easily be cleaned with a small amount of water pressure.

7. Enhances Pavers Attractiveness

Paver sealants not only keep the surface clean but also enhance your pavers’ look. Whether you are using Sandstone, Slate, or Limestone Paving, the sealers will enhance the look keeping the naturalness intact.


These are some of the reasons that will let you know why paver sealant is a must for your pavers. Hope you now know the importance of sealing your pavers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions with their answers might clear all the doubts and confusion regarding paver sealant.

Q1. Should you put sealant on pavers?

Yes, paver sealers are extremely important to maintain the overall look and condition of the surface. However, make sure that you use quality sealers.

Q2. When should I seal my pavers?

It is recommended to seal your pavers every 3-4 years. Once your pavers start to fade, you might consider sealing them.

Q3. Can I seal my pavers myself?

Yes, you can quickly seal your pavers. You must follow the instructions mentioned on the paver sealant, or you might ask any expert before sealing your pavers.

Q4. Does sealing pavers make them slippery?

If the sealer is applied too thick, it will make the surface slippery. It is recommended to use thin mil sealers that leave a very thin coat on the surface.