Apr 13, 2023

How to Maintain Paving — Complete Guide

Whilst it is tempting to retreat into the comforts of a warm house during the Autumn and Winter months, regular paving maintenance of your natural stone or porcelain paving prevents the chance of accumulating stains and damage. It also keeps your garden an inviting place throughout the entire year.

How to Clean Natural Stone Paving?

Autumn leaves can be stunning, but when they fall and land on natural stone, they can stain if allowed to lie there over the winter. Therefore, regular maintenance by sweeping will remove the chance of accumulating stains or damage. We advise hosing down the paving periodically to minimise any long-term impact. Though the force of the water may exploit minor cracks, a jet wash can be used on stubborn stains. Similarly, maintenance of this kind should be done sparingly.

Be mindful in winter as snow and ice that has frozen can make your patio slippery. Keep up maintenance in winter by sweeping snow and water off the stone. Above all, it will prevent your paving from freezing over, enabling you to enjoy walking through your winter landscape on those dewy mornings.

Check out the video on regular maintenance on natural stone paving throughout the year.


If you find you already have stains, residue, algae, scale etc, we recommend using Azpects products. Azpects Algae Remover and Mortar Stain & Calcium Remover are ideal for additional maintenance of natural stone paving.

How to Clean Porcelain Paving?

Due to its low moisture absorption, porcelain is frost and slip-resistant, this makes it easy to sweep away snow and ice. Keep up the maintenance by regularly sweeping with a rubber brush, removing the chance of accumulating stains or damage whilst facilitating drainage.

Additionally, jet washing is a great way to clean porcelain paving. The hardiness of porcelain means that regular maintenance using a jet washer will not damage the paving. Always be careful around grouted joints.

Should you wish to maintain porcelain paving with a different method, we recommend Azpects Porcelain Cleaner & Sanitiser. This powerful and effective water-based cleaner is non-acidic and non-caustic, which is fast-acting and safe to use, leaving a pleasant cherry odour.