Paving Trends 2019: Global Stone Predictions

Paving Trends 2019: Global Stone Predictions

Dec 01, 2018

We love being known for our forward thinking for paving trends, if not creating the trend! With careful observation and research, Global Stone provides the best natural stone and porcelain paving to meet on trend demand. For any type of garden, home and personality.

Indoor/Outdoor spaces

Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside living spaces have grown more popular in recent years. Our natural stone and porcelain paving are perfect for creating this look.

Natural stone really sets the tone in a kitchen, before leading outside into the garden. Currently trending is intense marble. It makes for a striking worktop space and flooring in a modern home, which leads seamlessly into the garden. In contrast, a colourful blend of sandstone or grey slate finishes off the cottage look, creating a welcoming indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

Internal porcelain has some different features to external: it is thinner than external porcelain at 10mm thick making it easier to accommodate specifications of the home. It is also smoother in texture, while maintaining anti-slip qualities, for a pleasant feel underfoot. Stepping into the garden, the texture of the paving changes to provide anti slip qualities more in line with outside factors.

Outside kitchen and eating areas

Due to its low absorption of moisture, porcelain is the perfect worktop, walling and flooring for outdoor kitchen and eating areas. Splashes of fat on the worktop, wine spills on the ground and general foody leftovers will not soak into the porcelain, meaning it is easy to clean and maintain before, during and after cooking.

If it’s natural stone you’re after, granite and marble do not absorb as much moisture as much as other stones and are easier to clean if there are any accidents whilst preparing food and cooking.

Large format paving and finishing pieces

Single sized paving which started in contemporary gardens have now expanded into more traditional designs.

Porcelain started off as the trend setter when it came to large format paving. It easily meets the demands of those that are looking to update their garden landscape, particularly the Toscana and Siena ranges.

Natural Premium Sandstone is paving the way large format look, which includes with our Premium Sandstone in York Green, with its neutral colours, combining the traditional natural stone with the contemporary large format.

There is also an increasing demand for finishing pieces, such as cladding, setts and bespoke designer features in porcelain.

Asymmetrical landscapes

With the 2020’s only next year, a modern twist of the 1920’s is back in fashion. Asymmetrical paving shapes are emerging, paying homage to the art deco designs from the 20’s. Complement sharp angles with soft planting, to make these the landscapes for now and the future.

Both natural stone and porcelain can be cut to suit this stunning ‘2019 crazy paving meets 1920’s art deco’.

Gravel and pebbles

Gravel and pebbles are the perfect partner for paving right now, a trend that works for both natural stone and porcelain.

Natural gravel or pebbles used with natural stone finishes off a traditional garden with a ‘soft-focus’, completing any quintessentially English garden.

For a contemporary look use with porcelain (especially if there’s a contrast in colour), they assist with draining water and contributes to minimal maintenance alongside the porcelain paving.

Finally, used with on trend succulent plants such as catci, there’s even less of a need to spend the weekends pruning, and more time enjoying your garden.