Peace and Tranquillity: How to Create an Oasis of a Garden

Peace and Tranquillity: How to Create an Oasis of a Garden

Feb 10, 2020

What is International Day of Peace and Where did it Originate?

Before we start our article on Peace and Tranquillity, let us explain the background of this day. The 21st September 2020 is International Day of Peace. The United Nations set up the event to “strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people”. 2020 marks 41 years since the first International Day of Peace took place.

United Nations Head Quarters ring The Peace Bell on this day each year. It is also rung on the 20th March, to mark the first day of Spring. Japan donated The Peace Bell in 1954, representing a symbol of peace. It is modelled on the Hanamido, a small Japanese temple which is decorated with flowers and is the symbolises where Buddha was born.

Japanese gardens are known to be a source of peace and tranquillity. Therefore, the Peace Bell is a perfect representation of what the United Nations is aiming to do; spread peace.

Speaking of gardens, peace and tranquillity, our aim is to provide you with the hard landscaping of your choice. Read on to see how our products promote the feeling of inner calm throughout your garden.

Positive wellbeing

A massive trend throughout 2020 has been mental health and wellbeing. There are many ways to create a garden with positive wellbeing in mind. Boost sense of touch, taste and smell, by planting a sensory garden. Plant herbs such as rosemary and lavender; they smell beautiful when you run your hands over them and taste great in a meal. Soften paving borders by planting herbs such as chamomile and thyme in between paving, adding to your edible garden.

Water for calm

For peace and tranquillity, add a water feature to your garden. For a traditional garden, use a sandstone drilled sphere; the water gently trickles over the top of it, or, for a contemporary twist, create a water wall using porcelain cladding.

Porcelain cladding to create a peaceful water feature

Breathe easy

In recent years, living walls have become increasingly popular. Green walls are proven to provide more oxygen. They directly boost wellbeing to those who are around it. Not only are green walls striking to look at, but depending on what you plant, they can be a great source for food.

Green walls are proven to provide more oxygen.

Inspiring Paving

Choose neutral colours that will inspire peace and tranquillity. Smooth, muted natural stone paving such as Artisan Mirage, has a serene, glistening appearance. Equally, the Focus range from the porcelain collection has a sophisticated blend of colourways with subtle veining running through the paving.


Artisan Mirage Mint makes for a very peaceful natural stone paving. To see more of our products for your garden of peace and tranquillity, take a moment to yourself and look through our 2020 brochure.