Plants and Paving Harmonious Integration

Plants and Paving Harmonious Integration

Apr 13, 2023

A patio is often approached as an individual element in a garden, distinct from the surrounding or adjacent plants, flowers and trees

It is frequently treated as a viewing area for the rest of the garden, or as a functional zone for seating or barbecues. A patio can sometimes seem like a slightly invasive extension of the property, rather than a key garden element. However, successfully integrating a paving arrangement with your garden’s plant life can result in a harmonious, calming and visually arresting space.

Chequered paving arrangement

Laying large square pavers out in a chequered arrangement, with spaces left for plants and other elements can make for an exciting look. The empty squares can be filled with flowers, plants or even small shrubs. Leaving some squares filled with gravel or sand can offset the repetition. Such a pattern can tie the entire garden space together, and is especially suitable for display gardens – as opposed to those used to regular activity, which might see plant life damaged. At Global Stone we offer a number of paver products ideal for uniform block paving designs, such as our popular Petrous Collection.

Irregular paving arrangement

A less uniform version of cheque design is possible with an irregular paving arrangement, where select large pavers are absent, leaving space for plants, flowers and small trees. Choose trees with limited spread, such as the Amelanchier alnifolia ‘Obelisk’ or the Paperbark maple. Global Stone offers a range of exciting stone products ideal for irregular paving layouts, such as our Coastal Sandstone Collection and our natural Sandstone Collection.

Turf strips

Integrating turf strips into a patio arrangement is an unusual but visually appealing approach, where grassy strips are laid between pavers, set in borders demarcating the patio area. Allay any concerns about over-rigidity by selecting a stone with muted colour variations, such as Global Stone Paving’s Artisan Mirage stone. These pavers’ hues become wonderfully vivid when wet.

Zen garden layouts

Paved areas are less prominent in traditional Zen garden designs, but contemporary interpretations increasingly feature stone products. Typical Zen features such as concentrically-raked sand, mossy zones, rocks, calm pools traversed by diminutive bridges, and small plants and shrubs create a miniaturised landscape. In such a space, paved areas are best executed in organic arrangements, as areas to view the garden proper. However, circle stone layouts – as made possible with Global Stones’ Sandstone collection – can be used to echo the organic Zen appearance, and are especially good if the sand is raked into circular patterns.

A harmonious garden space

Integrating your paved areas with your trees, flowers and plants presents a fun, creative challenge for those seeking to create a more harmonious – yet aesthetically delightful – garden space.