10+ Porch Decorating Ideas to Design Your Outdoor Space

10+ Porch Decorating Ideas to Design Your Outdoor Space

Apr 13, 2023

Want to make an excellent first impression by decorating your front porch? Running out of porch decorating ideas to design?

Don’t worry, we’ve covered everything for you. We’ve listed some of the best ideas to spruce up your front porch and create a wow factor. These creative porch decorating ideas are ideal for every outdoor space, no matter how small or big your porch is.

A front porch of a home can also be referred to as an outdoor living space. It is nothing, just a pass-through space that is perfect for entertaining guests and helps increase your space’s curb appeal. So, consider incorporating these fantastic ideas if you also want to add depth to your pass-through space.

1. Rocking Chairs Are Fun

Adding rocking chairs is one of the best porch decorating ideas to design your outdoor space. They give a traditional yet contemporary vibe to your area. The best part about these rocking chairs is that they are fun and relaxing. You can have a calm and relaxing time on these chairs. Make sure to go for the water-resistant ones.

2. Colourful Chairs Add a Unique Touch

Time to bring out the creative side inside you. Place colourful chairs and incorporate different front yard landscaping ideas to spruce up your outdoor space. You can either place two colourful chairs and some planters between them to give a decorative touch, or you can bring your dining set outside so that you can enjoy your meal under a shady front porch.

3. Painting the Windows and Doors

To give your front porch some charm and add a bold statement, consider painting the windows and doors with a different colour to that of the walls. Make sure the colour you choose feels right at your home and has a note of distinct cheerfulness.

4. Lighting to Brighten Your Porch

If you want to brighten your porch, make sure to install enough lighting so that it is evenly spread throughout your front porch, and you can also have a lovely time outside in the evening. It will entertain your evening time and add a wow factor to the people passing by or approaching the front door.

5. Chequered Flooring Tiles

You can try and experiment with the chequered flooring using two different coloured pavers. You can either go for small or large pavers for patio. There is no compulsion to use only black and white colours. You can choose according to your taste and make sure they complement your furnishings.

6. Swing Chair

If you want to add a contemporary vibe to your front porch, you can invest in a swing chair. This can be a modern addition to your porch and is a playful piece of furniture. Add some fancy cushions to the chair and some plants around so you can have a fresh and clean outdoor environment. You can also place a circular rug that perfectly blends with the swing chair.

7. Add a Patio Pond Around

Adding a patio pond around is one of the best porch decorating ideas to design your outdoor space. If you have enough space on your patio, consider adding a pond. If you have limited space, you can consider placing some unique water features that might be small but can make a lot of difference.

8. Adorn Your Walls with Cladding

Porcelain cladding on the walls is again one of the best porch decorating ideas to design your outdoor space. The wall cladding will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your area and act as a protective layer for your walls. You can transform your front porch and improve your home’s curb appeal with various colours and patterns available.

9. Add Beautiful Flowers to Your Front Porch

If you want your front porch to look beautiful and fresh, you can add different flowers around. This will be a great addition to warmly welcome your guests. You can also adorn your front porch with dried flowers.

10. Add curtains for Privacy

You can also add curtains on your front porch if you want to have some privacy or shade. This interior design idea can also be incorporated into your front porch so you can have a lovely time outside without worrying about the people passing by.

11. A Fireplace to Bring Cosy Vibes

Winters are coming, and there is no better way to enjoy this time than adding a fireplace to your front porch. You can bring a television, some seating arrangements, and some plants to turn your front porch into an outdoor living room.

12. Hang Some Wall Art

Create an artistic backdrop for your front porch by hanging some creative and beautiful wall art. This is one of the best porch decorating ideas to design your outdoor space. You can also invest in luxury wall coverings to add sophistication to your home.


These are some of the best and most creative porch decorating ideas to design and increase your home’s curb appeal. You don’t want to invest in expensive things. Just a small and inexpensive addition can do wonders for your home.