7 Small Patio Ideas To Design An Immersive Outdoor Area This Summer

7 Small Patio Ideas To Design An Immersive Outdoor Area This Summer

Apr 13, 2023

Small patio ideas can help you freshen up space, motivate spending more time outside, and host lovely alfresco garden parties. However, small patio garden designs are a common problem among city inhabitants as they have less space and time to work with.

Creative small patio ideas and styles can truly change even the tiniest patio designs. They could be made into a spot where you wish to spend long, warm evenings entertaining and relaxing on sunny mornings.

Let these trendy modern patios inspire you to build the perfect outdoor space. Whether you want your patio to be a dining space, outdoor living room, or the perfect spot for your potted plants, we have covered it all!

7 Small Patio Ideas To Design An Immersive Outdoor Area

Use Green Walls

Fences around a tiny patio are necessary for seclusion, but towering fences and walls can feel oppressive when space is limited. Such barriers could become a major focal point, distracting attention from the decor and ambience.

You can use greenery to soften the edges of such boundary walls in an urban garden. Climbers can be used to hide an intimidating fence. You can also plant something tall and fast-growing in fronts, such as bamboo or even a living wall. Free up floor space by adding greenery to your walls instead of utilising borders or unwieldy potted plants.

It makes way for elegant furniture. This is the best way to enhance limited space on our small patio garden ideas list. Such an idea is perfect for people looking to transform the garden look on a budget.

Form A Clear Walkway

In the same way that putting a bed against a wall might free up floor space in a small bedroom, the same can be said for a small patio.

Choose straight-edged furniture that can fit flush against a wall or fence over curved furniture to improve the area further. You want to make a clear passage, but you also want to ensure that the furniture is evenly distributed on both sides. This will keep your patio from seeming to be a storage area! Cushions, rugs, and tablecloths will help break up the straight lines while also providing pattern and individuality.

Opt For Lighter Shades

Keep things light when choosing colours to make a patio space feel larger. Keep everything pale, from flooring to fencing to furniture and accessories.

Mix and match three to four harmonic tones to ensure a feeling of style and harmony while avoiding monotony. A pastel colour pallet will do this, with the added benefit of producing a charming and cheerful appeal. On a more practical side, when it comes to patio chairs, light shades absorb less sunlight than dark shades. They will be cooler to touch when the heat waves arrive.

Make It Interesting With Tiles

If you are not particularly green-fingered and plants are not essential for your little patio, opt for a fashionable, practical design instead. Tiles are a great way to add pattern and colour without using a lot of plants.

You can replace the patio flooring with lighter porcelain tiles, instantly making the room appear lighter, brighter, and generally a more excellent place to be in. The patterned floor tiles have a similar space-enhancing effect, and you will find them in almost every small patio ideas list.

Define The Space With A Rug

As we strive to make our gardens feel more like outdoor living spaces, outdoor rugs have become a significant garden fad. So apply that trend to your small patio by adding a vast area rug. Go as big as your space will allow because nothing shrinks a space like a small square of fabric floating in a sea of patio slabs.

Layering your outdoor furniture on top of the rug to complete the look. Details underfoot help any place feel cosier without taking up valuable walking space in patio ideas for small garden.

Expect More With A Feature Wall

Outdoor feature walls can be just as effective as indoors. If printed wallpaper is not an option, try for a stone or tiled mural instead. It will not only be gorgeous and attract attention, but it will also be the patio’s focal point. Adopting a single wall that runs the length of your patio will make the area appear larger and wider.

Choose a floral landscape or water feature to induce a sense of peace. A walled garden with a fascinating mirror to blur the borders between fact and fiction is also a good option. You can also put in place a natural setting to transport you straight to a tropical island.

Create An Attractive Planting Scheme

Large pots and troughs can take up a lot of space on a small patio, so turning them into seating is a smart idea. Furthermore, a custom planting area will use all of your space’s nooks and crannies and can be adapted to your preferences.

Wooden planks may be cut to length, sanded, treated, and built to make an L-shaped bench with a generously scaled raised bed behind it, and it can be done on a budget, too. Tropical plants like ferns are low-maintenance, and the lush greenery will bring colour and personality to your patio. It will also help you break up the expanse of wood in your patio design and make your small garden look bigger and lovely.


These small patio ideas are perfect for your home if you have a little garden. You will not need a long stretch of stone to make an impression on outdoor living, as you will see. Even a small patio may be transformed into a comfortable and welcoming area with the correct styling and furniture. It can even feel more attractive and put together than a larger area if done correctly.