List of 8 Different Applications and Uses of Granite

List of 8 Different Applications and Uses of Granite

Apr 13, 2023

Granite is one of the oldest, toughest, most popular, and most durable construction materials. No matter the weather condition or how much foot traffic your floor expects, granite will always perform well and last for years. Due to its hard-wearing properties, there are countless uses of granite, and it can be used in a variety of application areas.

Besides being so strong, versatile and resistant to different conditions, granite is also popular for its aesthetically pleasing looks. This is the reason why many homeowners prefer this natural stone to be installed in various application areas. So, if you want to know where this natural stone can be installed and used, consider reading this article. We’ll talk about the various areas where you can install granite and look at all the uses of this natural stone.

1. Granite as Kitchen Countertops

One of the most notable uses of granite is the kitchen countertops. Low maintenance, heat & water resistance, durability, scratch resistance and aesthetically pleasing looks are some of the reasons that make this natural stone ideal for kitchen countertops.

The best part of having granite as a kitchen countertop material is that it can be custom-cut to desired shape and size to bring a unique touch to your kitchen. Apart from kitchen countertops, granite can also be installed on kitchen flooring, and you can incorporate different kitchen flooring ideas to bring out the best in your space.

2. Granite as Wall Cladding and Panelling

This has to be one of the most distinctive uses of granite. This natural stone can be used as exterior wall cladding material to bring aesthetically pleasing looks as well as a protective layer to your exterior walls. Since granite has amazing weather-resistant properties, this natural stone is ideal for creating a bold statement to your outdoors, combining it with some functionality. External garden walls, facades, and external walls of your home can be embellished with the installation of the granite.

3. Granite as Paving Stones

Due to its durability and robustness, granite can also be used as paving stone, ideal for creating beautiful patios or driveways. Granite paving brings a stunning look and feels to your patios, gardens and driveways. With a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns available, this natural stone is ideal for creating a contemporary living environment.

4. Granite as Fireplace Surrounds and Mantle

Granite is an excellent material for fireplace surrounds since it is heat resistant and doesn’t catch fire. Granite is undoubtedly the ideal material to lay over your fireplace’s current face and mantel for an instant facelift because it is both gorgeous and functional.

5. Granite as Flooring and Walling Materials

Polished granite is frequently used for flooring, wall facing, and windows. Granite is a fantastic choice for stairs because of how well it resists deterioration. Granite is also utilised for mosaic or patterned flooring since it comes in a variety of unique colours. In addition, smaller granite pieces can be affixed on the wall to create shelves. The leftover pieces are perfect for stylish new shelves.

The best part of this natural stone is that you will always get a strong and durable solution, whether used for floors or walls. However, when designing the interiors of your home, it’s important to keep these necessary elements of interior design in mind.

6. Granite as Tabletops

Apart from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, granite can also be used as table tops or desks for a home office. You can also use granite for shelves which can be a perfect alternative to plywood.

7. Granite as a Gemstone

Some granites are rare and incredibly beautiful. So, these granites are used as gemstones. They’re used to make jewellery. K2 Azurite granite, which has a blue hue and is known as a gemstone, is a rare stone that may be found in the Himalayas.

8. Granite as Bathroom Material

Granite is known for its waterproof, stain and scratch resistance properties. So, you’ll always get a strong and durable solution if you install granite on bathroom vanity tops, backsplash, sink or surround for a bathtub. You don’t have to worry, as granite won’t be damaged by hot water, splashes or puddles. Plus, the availability of different colours and designs will enable you to match any home interior decor.


So, the above-mentioned uses of granite will enable you to bring the elegance and hard-wearing properties of this natural stone into your space.

Due to its inherent beauty, granite is utilised in serving platters in addition to the uses mentioned above. Therefore, this stone needs to be your top option if you want to add a small amount of natural beauty to your home and need a durable surface that can withstand a variety of stresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, these frequently asked questions will help you understand the uses of granite in a much better way.

Q1. What is the main use for granite?

Uses of granite may include flooring, walling, countertops, table tops, building monuments and other interiors, and exterior projects.

Q2. Is granite a very useful rock?

Granite is one of the hardest, oldest, strongest and most durable materials to be used for your interior and exterior applications.

Q3. Why is granite used for buildings?

Granite has good compressive strength and a melting temperature of a minimum 1200 centigrade. So this makes this natural stone a perfect choice for buildings.