How to Transform a Garden on a Budget

How to transform a garden on a budget

How to keep your garden looking fresh

It’s time to dust off those outdoor furniture cushions and spend your evenings and weekends in the garden. Follow our tips on how to transform your garden on a budget by cleaning up your patio and décor to take full advantage of your garden this Summer.

Cleaning & Clearing

Spindrift porcelain paving and maine blue mix cladding for your garden

Image: Premium Porcelain Six Spindrift & Porcelain Cladding Blue Maine Mix

First, before the garden furniture comes out, ensure your paving is clean and ready for the weeks to come.

Natural Stone

The simplest way to transform your garden on a budget is to do regular maintenance. Regular sweeping will remove detritus before it has a chance to accumulate and stain or damage the paving. Berries, hips. Drupes and other fruits must be removed as soon as they’re spotted.

We wouldn’t recommend using a power washer on natural stone as they can, and do, cause damage on some pavements. Regular hosing down will keep a paved area in good condition. If you find that your paving gets dirty very quickly from overhanging trees or close to a busy road, consider using a quality sealant to protect it.


Thanks to its great hardness and weather resistance, porcelain paving tiles can be cleaned with almost any detergent. We recommend simply using a mild detergent and a water jet (which will not damage the paving). For great convenience and to avoid potential limescale deposits forming, we recommend facilitating drainage with a rubber brush.

Brush away leaves, fallen petals, gravel and stone, tidy your borders and give your plants good water to keep the garden looking fresh.

Complementary furniture and bold colours

Image: Premium Porcelain Toscana Smoke

Paving and furniture go hand in hand in a garden. Match your patio with your garden furniture depending on what kind of paving you have. For example, natural stone circle paving with bistro-style furniture or picnic tables and benches with large format porcelain.

Add some pop into your garden with colourful plants and bold furniture with muted coloured paving. Cushions with neon pink, orange and yellow, floral and geometric prints and cool sayings are this summers top trend for your garden.


Image: Premium Porcelain Mixed Size Liquorice and Oyster & Premium Porcelain Cladding Grey Quartz – (image by Francis Rose Landscaping)

Finish off your garden and let the entertainment continue into the evening with lighting. Introduce lighting in your borders, brighten seating areas with soft lanterns and illuminate your patio with strips of light within steps and joints. Don’t forget 2021’s biggest garden trend, fire pits. Our paving can be clad to create fire pits.


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