Ideas for maximising your outside space

Not sure how to maximise the space in your garden? Well whatever the size, clever and creative use of porcelain or natural stone paving can help you enjoy the garden to its fullest. Creating “zones” or “rooms” will break up your garden and can create the illusion of space, while creating both purpose and form.


The increasingly popular use of bifold or sliding doors enables us to create or extend a room outside. Paving can be used both internally and externally to keep the “look”, creating a seamless flow. Perfect for those lazy summer days.

Outside pool area
Bifold sliding doors


Create seating areas in your garden “rooms” to suit your needs whether that be eating, reading a book or chilling with your friends. By using paving you can clearly define the areas.

Paving walk way
Garden seating area
Paving seating area
Outside seating area


Enhance the space between your outside “rooms” by using paving to create pathways between the different areas and create a journey. Use plants to enhance or soften the look and create intrigue.

Paving pathway
Paving pathways
Paving pathways