Designer’s Choice – Affinity Hortus Ltd

Designer’s Tips

  • Do not be afraid to use larger paving tiles in small spaces to create the illusion of space
  • Create a focal point in your garden such as a water feature or sculpture to draw the eye through the hard landscaping
  • If you want a low maintenance contemporary garden then try porcelain paving tiles for clean cut lines and colours that won’t fade.

The Global Stone Petrous Porcelain range provides an exceptional choice that enables our designs to flow seamlessly from house to garden and garden to house, creating contemporary indoor-outdoor living spaces.

These products allow us to create beautiful non slip, fade free, low maintenance and hard wearing surfaces for all of our garden designs, where some natural stone products may not have met the demands.

The option to install porcelain paving on a concrete base using standard tiling methods means that they can be laid quickly and evenly due to the regularity of their sizes.

Because of the exceptional consistency in all aspects of the dimensions and high quality finishes we can also use porcelain paving tiles with pedestals. We used this method to effectively demonstrate rainwater harvesting at the 2015 ideal home exhibition, where the rainwater flowed freely between the paving joints. this is only possible due to the mould resistance of the porcelain product which regularly came in contact with water.

The variety of textures, patterns and colours available provide realistic alternatives to natural stone along with the strength and durability that porcelain provides. The larger sizes that are available have proved to be very popular and work well in both small and large areas providing a simple, clean and continuous finished surface. we are currently finding these products are an exciting and fresh addition to our design palette and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them in all aspects of our landscape design projects.