Designer’s Choice – Tectonic

Designer’s Tips

  • The use of a skilled garden designer is invaluable in providing the very best detailing for your landscaping project.
  • Choose a high quality material carefully in order to provide you a lifetime of use.
  • Conventional paving can be used in inspiring and exciting contemporary ways.

After extensive research searching for the perfect paving for my Gold Medal winning design for The Ideal Home Show 2017 ‘Garden without a boundary’, Global Stone supplied the best option.

Global Stone has a large range of products that suit all styles of gardens. By using the Artisan Mirage Linear paving in a staggered horizontal pathway, it created the illusion that the garden was wider.

Despite the garden being relatively small, the dimensions of the paving allowed me to create a great pathway which gave it rhythm and movement through the garden. The tone of colours within the paving helped me link it into the rest of my garden from the custom-made fence panels down to the different tones of planting.

I selected the Mirage linear paving for its contemporary look but also because it gave me scope to put a creative spin on the layout to make the space feel wider. This bespoke design was created using my own CAD template which also allowed me to interplant to soften the edges of the paving.

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