Inspiration For Small Spaces

Whatever the size of your garden clever, and creative use of paving can make it look larger.

Create Zones

Break up open areas of a small space so it feels larger, try groupings of furniture and use paving to create paths and small patio areas to create restful seating nooks.


Sandstone Paving Project Packs
Old Rectory Cobbles Project Packs
Clay Pavers

Give The Illusion Of Length

Straight lines trick you into thinking a small courtyard or garden is bigger than it is. This can be accomplished by establishing a focal point and extending paving from that point. Counter intuitive as it may also seem, large paving also creates the illusion of space and are ideal in a contemporary setting.


Artisan Serenity

Porcelain Siena

Porcelain Toscana 

Mix Up The Elements

Sometimes the best small gardens are where there is a mix of unexpected elements that offer dramatic visual relief. Try a mixture of paving materials, lawn, features and
container plantings to add real interest so that you hardly notice the gardens size.


Old Rectory Paving

Slate Paving

Granite Paving 

Use Pathways

If you really love plants and are limited on space then skip the grass entirely. Stagger your plants for height and include walking paths so you can tend things in the center of the space.


Clay Pavers

Sandstone Stepping Stones

Raised Planting Areas

You can give your small garden a sense of height by raising up planting, even just a foot or two. Try retaining walls integrated with other hardscape features, such as steps. You’ll help the eye move up and create a pretty visual distraction from the lack of square footage.


Old Rectory Walling

Artisan Serenity Bullnose Steps & Copings

Artisan Mirage Paving

Granite Paving and Cobbles