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The installation of natural stone or porcelain paving is equally as important as choosing the right product for you...

We have put together two installation guides for our natural stone and porcelain products. These guides provide expert advice on preparing, selecting tools for laying, setting out the paving and creating an opportunity for drainage. These guides are essentially the do’s and don’ts on installing paving.

Natural stone and porcelain paving have different attributes and therefore, are handled and laid differently. As well as our guides below, we also provide articles with our top tips for laying natural stone paving and why you should avoid the dreaded five dotting technique.

If you’re concerned about laying your landscape yourself, or want to ensure you pick a reputable landscaper, make sure you check out the APL or BALI to see a list of accredited companies who can help you.

Installation Guidelines - Natural Stone

Top tips for Natural Stone

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Installation Guidelines - Porcelain

Top tips for Porcelain Paving

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View Our Laying Guides

Our collection of practical laying guides have been designed to provide you with a range of ideas for creating your dream paving schemes. Click on the downloadable laying guides below for more detail. Should you require more information on how to lay your stone or porcelain please contact us.
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Position Range
Porcelain Position Range
Station Range
Porcelain Station Range
Porcelain Six Series Range
Premium Porcelain Six Series
Porcelain Small Size Series
Premium Porcelain Small Size Series
Focus Range
Porcelain Focus Range
Porcelain Mixed Sized Series
Premium Porcelain Mixed Sized Series
Porcelain Grande Range
Premium Porcelain Grande Range
Artisan Mirage Paving Laying Guide
Serenity Buff Brown, Ash Blend & Mandana Blend
Jewell Range
Porcelain Jewell
Exquisite Range
Porcelain Exquisite Range
Florence Range
Premium Porcelain Florence Range
Driveways Range
Premium Porcelain Driveways Range
Siena Range
Premium Porcelain Siena Range
Toscana Range
Toscana Range
Albero Range
Albero Range
Six Nine Series
Six Nine Series
Artisan Range Tranquil Paving
For Tranquil Allendale Grey, & Tranquil Dunmore Cream
Slate Paving Laying Guide
Slate Paving Laying Guide
GardenStone Paving Laying Guide
GardenStone Paving Laying Guide
Old Rectory Paving Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Old Rectory Paving
Old Rectory Cobbles Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Old Rectory Cobbles
Old Rectory Victorian Paving Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Old Rectory Victorian Paving
Artisan Mirage Paving Laying Guide
Mirage Castle Grey, Mint & Mandana Blend
Premium Sandstone Paving Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Premium Sandstone Paving 15.3 & 16.89 m2
Premium Sandstone Circle Laying Guide
Circle Kit 1.8 Diameter, 2.8 Diameter, Extension Kit 3.6 Diameter
Granite Paving Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Granite Paving
Limestone Paving Laying Guide
Laying Guide for Limestone Paving 15.3 & 16.89 m2
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Are you ready to lay your paving? Looking for an accredited and reputable company to complete your project? The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) are the best places to get started.

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Installation Range

Global Stone are pleased to be working in partnership with two of the leading UK premium suppliers of jointing, grouting and Aftercare products.
Natural Stone
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For our natural stone collection we are delighted to be working with Azpects who have, over the past five years, developed EASYJoint into the UK’s leading, all weather natural stone premium paving joint product.


EASYJoint is available in five popular colours Mushroom, Stone Grey, Buff Sand, Basalt and Jet Black and is suitable for nearly all natural paving types and can be used all year round (except Granite). A simple application process requires the product to be brushed and watered in, making it up to 10 times faster and easier to use than standard mortar jointing, resulting in very strong joints across all surfaces and the base. For information on coverage please visit

Jointing Image

Suitable for a “wet bed” application only.The Global Stone Slurry Primer is a polymer modified cementitious based slurry bond coating used for bonding most types of stone slabs, clay pavers and porcelain tiles to bedding mortar. The slurry primer needs to be mixed first by adding the 20kg bag of powder to 7kg clean water and mixed until smooth for approx. 3-4mins on the slow speed setting of an electric drill. It should be used immediately whilst still wet on a pre-soaked surface, by using a stiff brush to a thickness of 1-2mm thick.

Global Stone Slurry Primer

20kg bags | Grey

Coverage: 20-22m2 per bag (average)