10 Tips For Laying The Perfect Patio

With the weather warming up, now is a great time to design and lay a patio

Such a project can be completed in a matter of days, and the finished article is a wonderful location in which to entertain friends and family over the summer. Whether you’re a DIY-er or a landscaper, the following tips will help you create the perfect patio.

1.  Create a detailed plan

Make a blueprint on graph paper so you have a precise idea about where the patio will be placed. Make sure you include major features – including the main property, and any sheds, trees or ponds.

2. Know what lies beneath

Be aware of any objects in the ground of the intended patio location. Large tree roots will threaten any patio, and the patio itself may harm tree roots, which in turn will damage the associated tree.

3. Keep it close to the kitchen

Most people use their patios for barbequing and general al fresco dining and entertaining. Placing a patio near the kitchen will make serving and clean-up easier and quicker.

4. Take your time when choosing a paver

There are a wealth of patio pavers to choose from. Global Stone Paving stocks one of the most inspiring and comprehensive ranges you’ll find anywhere in the UK. From stunning traditional pavers such as Old Rectory Paving, to stylish contemporary porcelain pavers like Global Stone’s popular Petrous Collection, you’re sure to find the perfect type.

5.  Consider the surrounding aesthetics

Whichever paver you select, be sure it ties in with the aesthetics of the main property, any out buildings, and the overall look of the garden.

6. Think about size

The size of the patio is best determined by what is will be used for. If it is likely to be used only occasionally by say, a couple, then a modestly sized patio may suffice and make sense in terms of cost. But for a large family, or for homeowners you entertain regularly, a larger patio will be more suitable.

7. What about a walkway?

If you’re considering adding a walkway too, make sure it is at least two feet wide so a person can walk down it easily. If you want it to accommodate two people at the same time, make it double the width. A three foot wide walkway is required for ample wheelchair or walker access.

8.  Keep the site safe

Once you begin laying out the patio, be sure to keep the worksite as safe as possible. Don’t leave any items lying around that might cause someone to slip, trip or fall.

9.  What about building codes?

Make sure you’re aware of any building codes or housing association rules governing garden constructions. You don’t want to begin a project only to learn it isn’t allowed.

10.  Pick suitable plants and flowers

Plants and flowers can further elevate the visual appeal of a patio area. Choose flora that compliments the chosen pavers and the overall design aesthetic of the garden.

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