5 Beautiful Flowers for Patios

Beautiful flowers make a patio a garden. They are inviting to a garden, welcoming to both us and the wildlife. Here we talk about the best flowers for use on your patio with our natural stone and porcelain paving.

Succulents & Cacti

Succulents and cacti are bang on trend and the perfect low maintenance plants within smaller gardens. The tiny flowers that grow at the tip of succulents are literally the crowning glory, and make for a fun focal point. Succulents and cacti work great with small garden spaces. Team up with our Porcelain paving the Context range in either Dawn, Dusk or Twilight, for their combination of traditional appearance featuring marble, stone and terracotta fragments, with the  contemporary twist of a large paving format. Perfect for small landscapes.

Go Bold

Bedding plants are great flowers for growing in pots or hanging baskets. Choose plants with bold colours, such as the stunning pompon dahlias. Dahlia ‘Downham Royal’, which has a velvety appearance in a vibrant magenta, works perfectly with our natural stone Artisan Mirage in Castle Grey paving.

Herb Gardens that Bloom

Bringing the indoors outside is becoming ever popular, especially with the warmer seasons throughout the year. Alfresco dining is on the up, and being able to pick fresh from a herb garden is a great solution. Lavender and Rosemary are the perfect example of a herb that produces beautiful flowers and aroma (whilst contributing to a delicious meal). Their gentle purple flowers are a wonderful match with Terracotta, Somium and Dove Grey from the Premium Porcelain Six Series. The colours choices here provide for traditional gardens (Terracotta), contemporary landscapes (Dove Grey), or something inbetween (Somium).

Edible Flowers

Continuing with the theme of eating, a trend that is going strong are edible flowers (especially when decorated over a cake). Calendulas, nasturtiums, dianthus and violas are the perfect combination of colour and scent. They can be planted within a border or potted. These traditional flowers with their bold colours would sit indubitably with our natural stone paving, particularly Old Rectory Victorian Paving in York Green.

Classic Rose to Bring the Bees

With recent reports of insects on the decline, it’s important to find plants that’ll attract them back into the garden. A classic flower for attracting bees is the classic rose, particularly ones with an open head. Great for the traditional garden, match it up with our Premium Sandstone in York Green.

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