April’s ‘Out of the Box’ Ideas

You’d be an April fool to not take note of our rather inventive recommendations when it comes to working with natural stone and porcelain paving. Read on for our top 10 thoughts: April Fool’s

1. Install porcelain paving upside down to show the honeycomb pattern on its underside, as it’s known to attract bees into the garden. April Fools

April Fool's! Porcelain underside
Porcelain underside


2. Our Grass Porcelain range released Spring last year has proven popular. It’s a leader in its field and who knows, maybe overtake sales for artificial grass some day soon. April Fools

Porcelain Grass - Pesce Aprile
Porcelain Grass – Pesce Aprile


3. When laying natural stone or porcelain, use colourful mortar for that colourful look underneath the paving. The wildlife that live in the ground will love it. April Fools

April Fool's! Laying Natural Stone Paving on Mortar
Laying Natural Stone Paving on Mortar


4. Don’t worry about jointing paving once it’s laid, just let weeds grow through the gaps. As A.A Milne said: “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”. April Fools

Weeds Quote
Weeds Quote


5. It’s said that pavers once coupled are bonded for life. Also, pavers with a running bond are known to be the healthiest kind. April Fools

Clay Pavers in Running Bond formation
Clay Pavers in Running Bond formation


6. Our natural stone Mirage range is just an illusion caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. April Fools

Artisan Mirage Natural Stone Paving
Artisan Mirage Natural Stone Paving


7. For the naturally tumbled look, put stone in a tumble dryer on 60 degrees for 50 minutes. April Fools

Old Rectory Cobbles


8. A recent study by the RHS in 2019 discovered that talking to plants makes them grow faster. The same is said for our natural stone and porcelain paving. Great if you wanted to extend your patio by a couple of inches. April Fools

Slate Silver Green
Slate Silver Green


9. Should you wish to seal your natural stone; seals are waterproof and won’t ruin your paving. Be aware however, as a ‘clapping’ seal can be quite noisy! April Fools

April Fool's! Limestone Paving Imperial Blue
Limestone Paving Imperial Blue


10. Shoe makers who walk on Cobbles are known be lucky…though some have told us that’s cobblers! April Fools

Old Rectory Cobbles Modak Rose
Old Rectory Cobbles Modak Rose

‘What do you mean these are crazy paving ideas…!

April Fools!

*seriously though, don’t any of these ideas at home!

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