Bonfire Night: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build Your Own Firepit

Bonfire night: an evening of sparklers, hot chocolate (or something a bit stronger), whilst ooohing and ahhhing watching the fireworks.

If you want to celebrate at home, you can create your own bonfire night in your garden by building a fire pit. Not only are they a gorgeous focal point and party starter, but they are also an inviting space within your garden, which you can use all year round.

Use Global Stone natural stone or porcelain paving or pavers that are cut to size to create a beautiful outer lining of your fire pit. If you already use our products, you can either match with what you have or choose the opposite colour for a contrast of colours.

In this how-to guide, we have used Old Rectory Victorian Pavers in York Green to line the top of the fire pit, which is placed next to our Old Rectory Circle in York Green.

For safety reasons, only use fire bricks inside the fire pit. Do not use Global Stone products inside the fire pit.

Simple 13 step by step guide on how to create a fire pit using Global Stone products.

Step 1:

Gather your tools. You will need:

  • Shovel
  • Mallet
  • Ground stake
  • Piece of wood (bamboo would work)
  • String
  • Sand and gravel in a bucket
  • Scoop
  • Wheel barrow
  • Fire bricks
  • Your choice of Global Stone product to line the edges
  • Wood and a lighter!

Tools for creating firepit: stake, mallet, bamboo stick and string

Step 2:

Hammer the ground stake where you’d like the centre of the fire pit to be.

Creating a firepit - use mallet to get stake into the ground

Step 3:

Attach string to the stake and bamboo and use the stick to score a circle in your cobbles or turf.

Use string on stake and bamboo stick to score a circle

Step 4:

Dig out the area using a shovel, deep enough to fit your fire bricks. To keep your area tidy and for easy disposal, put the dugout soil in a wheelbarrow.

Shovel out turf and soil

Step 5:

Lightly fill the bottom of the fire pit with sand and gravel using a scoop.

fill bottom of firepit with sand and gravel using scoop

Step 6:

Use the iron stake, string and bamboo stick to score a smaller circle, in order to mark where the fire bricks will be placed.

score a smaller circle with string attached to stake and bamboo stick

Step 7:

Place the fire bricks on the inner side of the circle, leaving a gap between the brick and the outer rim of the pit. Use your hammer to fix them into place.

Use mallet to place fire bricks in firepit

Step 8:

Fill the gap with sand to the top of the pit, covering the bricks and the area you will place your Global Stone product.

Fill gap with sand and fill to the top

Step 9:

Take your chosen Global Stone product (we’ve used Old Rectory Victorian Pavers) and place them on top of the fire bricks.

place global stone products on top of fire bricks

Step 10:

Fill the gaps in between the stone with your choice of soil or cobbles.

fill gaps with soil or cobbles

Step 11:

Gather your wood and place inside the fire pit.

gather wood for firepit ready for bonfire night

Step 12:

Set the fire pit alight and decorate the area with seating, cushions and plenty of blankets!

light wood on fire and start the bonfire night celebrations

Step 13:

Gather your friends, roast some marshmallows and get the bonfire night party started before the big finale of fireworks!

Gather friends around the fire pit with marshmellows and enjoy bonfire night!

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