Build your own BBQ: The best stone to use

How Can I build my Own BBQ?

The summer is well and truly here. Given recent events, it’s noticeable that we are becoming more self-sufficient. Whether it be getting a spot of DIY done around the house or planting fruit and veg to help grow your own, the UK seems to have adopted a can-do attitude. If you didn’t get a chance to buy a BBQ earlier this year during the lockdown, or they’ve all sold out in the shops recently, why not look at some inspiration on how to build your own BBQ right here?

As a safety disclaimer, we do not recommend using Global Stone natural stone and porcelain paving and pavers to build your own BBQ. The paving would be used to decorate and finalise the areas around the BBQ itself.

There are some factors you will need to take into consideration when you build your own BBQ:


Wood – a classic fuel that adds a beautiful smoky flavour to food. Perfect if you’re able to supply wood regularly.

Gas – affordable in cannisters and, if you can connect it to your main line, it won’t affect the gas bill too much.

Charcoal – it’s slower to warm up but will stay hot for hours after finishing cooking. Great for keeping yourself warm throughout the longer evenings.

Types of build your own BBQ

There are lots of different types of build your own BBQ’s. Take a look at your garden as it is now.

How much space do you have? Would a fire pit suffice? Could you build an outdoor kitchen area?

Do you have a seating area and is it close to where you’d like to build your own BBQ? Could seating be incorporated into the area you’d like the BBQ to go?

Once you’ve answered the questions above, look at your DIY BBQ options:

Fire pit

For safety reasons, only use fire bricks inside the fire pit. Do not use Global Stone products inside the fire pit.

A fire pit is a simple yet effective way to build your own BBQ. It won’t take up much space in the garden, meaning you can bring furniture (or wooden stumps) to sit on, and put them away again. When the firepit isn’t in use, you can fill it with soil and add plants. A two in one focal point!

Check out our how to guide on building a firepit. Add a grill over the top to place food for cooking.

Old Rectory Victorian Pavers-York-Green
Firepit, the simplest build your own BBQ.

Stone island

A stone island is the same as a firepit, but taller, wider and can be cladded. They can also make for a good seating area surrounding the pit depending how large you build it. Add your placemats around the edges and enjoy a sit-down meal with the informality of a firepit.

porcelain paving mixed size series in liquorice and oyster
Stone islands are a great build your own BBQ design.

Outdoor kitchen

If you already own a BBQ, you could incorporate it within a new kitchen area. Worktops and splashback walling for preparing food can be used with natural stone and porcelain paving. While you’re there, you could continue the paving into the eating area and through the garden!

Incorporate your build your own BBQ within an outdoor kitchen space.

The best stone to use

As mentioned previously, it is not advised to use stone or porcelain IN the BBQ. It is purely a decorative and finishing piece.

You could for example, use Old Rectory Victorian Pavers to line the outside of your firepit , then surround the pit with a circle from the same range. From there, Old Rectory walling topped with coping or setts could be used to create seating areas.

Create a landscaped zone around a build your own BBQ

Due to its low absorption of moisture, porcelain makes the perfect worktop, walling and flooring for outdoor kitchen and eating areas. Splashes of fat on the worktop, wine spills on the ground and general foody leftovers will not soak into the porcelain, meaning it is easier to clean and maintain.

Use porcelain paving for creating food prep zones.

Match the worktop with your porcelain paving for consistency and flow through the garden.

Other great natural stone worktop options are Slate and Granite, as they are less porous than other stones.

Other build your own BBQ ideas:

Pizza oven

This will take some time, skill and creativity. The overall structure of the oven will need to be made with concrete fire blocks. Once those are built, you can clad with paving or, create a wall around it.

Drinks bar

If outdoor cooking isn’t for you, could you still create a bar area for serving drinks. Last year, our porcelain paving featured on the BBC program Garden Rescue. Check out our article on how our paving was used to create a drinks bar.

There isn’t a stone or porcelain paving you couldn’t use to enhance your own BBQ. Look at our other products in our 2020 brochure.


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