Spotlight on: Florence Porcelain – Heather

The Heather flower: a hardy, evergreen shrub that lasts all year round. It only makes sense that our Florence Porcelain range includes a colour called Heather.

Our Italian Porcelain is manmade from purified clay and finely ground sand. They are pressed and fired at very high temperatures which removes virtually all moisture. Because of this, the result is a hardy, long lasting product, just like the Heather flower.

Porcelain is the new paving revolution taking the country by storm. It is hard wearing, durable, available in a range of sizes and beautiful designs. Therefore, it offers the low maintenance paving solution for the 21st century.

Launched in 2017, the Florence Porcelain range has an aged and weathered natural stone appearance, including edges with a tumbled effect. It is available in four beautiful colours including Heather. Also, its pinky brown colour wouldn’t look out of place amongst the rocky heather on a heath.

Maybe your next landscape design be inspired by the moors with the Florence Porcelain range and heather shrubs planted around the garden near the paving?

Suitable for contemporary or traditional designs, so it offers an ideal solution for those living in period properties, looking for a low maintenance and easy to clean option, easily blending into the surroundings. Finally, with heather being an evergreen shrub, you can spend less time maintaining your garden, and more time enjoying it!

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