Summer Garden Inspiration

The heatwave from July and the hottest day since 2003 are now behind us. No doubt you’ll want fresh garden inspiration to take advantage of the remaining summer days.

Check out our top 5 garden inspiration tips to see you through the rest of summer:

Water Features

So far this Summer, you and the wildlife will have done everything to stay cool and hydrated. Not only do water features keep you and your garden cool, but they also keeps our wildlife happy too. With this in mind, use Porcelain to clad a wall that will create a beautiful water feature. Due to its non-porous materials, porcelain will not succumb to limescale or rust. Furthermore, the tranquillity of a water feature will boost your wellbeing.

garden inspiration: Quartz Grey Porcelain Cladding with water feature
Porcelain Cladding – Quartz Grey (photo Instagram: @chalfordinteriors)


Create zones that add depth and further interest to your garden. When researching garden inspiration, a dining, living and an entertaining area are amongst the top rated must have areas. Splitting your garden into different zones enables you to relax, eat, drink and have fun all in the same space too.

Create a relaxation area with rugs, throws, lanterns and cushions to extend your afternoons and evenings outside.

Within your dining area, include a ‘plant buffet’ with herbs and edible plants for picking with dinner or cocktails.

Finally, for the entertainment area, create a bar using porcelain paving as a worktop for easy clean ups should spillages occur. Match the worktop with your porcelain paving for consistency and flow through the garden.

garden inspiration: Dining and relaxation zone with Porcelain cladding maine blue mix and Siena Spindrift
Porcelain Cladding – Maine Blue Mix
Porcelain Paving – Siena Spindrift

Vertical Solutions

Small gardens shouldn’t miss out on benefitting from garden inspiration. Large format paving such as Artisan Serenity, Limestone, Slate, and Granite (to name a few!) gives the illusion of space and vertical paving can provide the perfect backdrop for plants that climb. It creates a continuous flow from the paving on the ground.

Use foldable tables and chairs to keep the space open.

Head over to the Trovia site to see our vertical paving solutions.

garden inspiration: Trovia's Kev standing with large vertical Porcelain Paving Corten Steel
Porcelain Vertical Solution – Corten Steel

Colour Scheme Paving

Garden inspiration doesn’t have to be all about searching for the right coloured plants; your paving counts too. For contemporary gardens, black, silver or grey paving makes for a sleek and modern backdrop. Golden and beige colours, in project packs create and English country feel. Therefore, coordinate the colour of your paving with flowers to boost and complement each other; black, grey and silver paving with red, orange and yellow flowers. Additionally, golden and multi tone colours such as York Green and beige with soft tones complement pink, lavender and yellow plants.

Porcelain Toscana Smoke with red flowers
Porcelain Paving – Toscana Smoke
garden inspiration: Natural Stone Mirage Castle Grey with tomato plants
Natural Stone Paving – Artisan Mirage Castle Grey (photo GAP Photos)
Natural stone paving old rectory york green with purple flowers
Natural Stone Paving – Old Rectory York Green (photo Kate Marshall)

And now for Something Completely Different

For those of your who fancy doing something a bit different when looking for garden inspiration, then how about creating a circular wall using spare clay pavers? Firstly, dig a slight trench into the ground and place clay pavers at an angle, to allow a second row to sit on top. After that, fill the circle with soil and plants and voila, you have a unique circular wall.

garden inspiration: Natural Stone Clay Pavers Mellow Blend making a circular wall filled with soil and plants
Natural Stone – Clay Pavers Mellow Blend (photo GAP Photos)

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