Garden Paving Ideas: Harnessing Circle Power

There can be tendency to play it safe when it comes to garden paving

Simple square-grid designs and uncomplicated patios can certainly be functionally successful, but putting a little creative thought into your paving designs can make for a truly dynamic garden space.

The circle, for instance, is sometimes shied away from. And yet incorporating this simple, timeless shape into the ground can create a real focal point, around which other features can be configured.

All manner of meanings lie behind the circle, from wholeness to eternity to the cycle of time. It is a truly organic shape, making it the perfect bedfellow for the countless other organic shapes in your garden – from trees and shrubs to plants and flowers.

For those mindful of feng shui – the Chinese art of managing energy flows with certain spatial arrangements – the circle is said to bring a specific and harmonious energy to any space.

The circle in traditional gardens

While the circle can be harnessed to create a more exotic atmosphere in your garden, it can also be used to great effect in a more traditional design. Take Global Stone Paving’s Old Rectory sandstone collections, for instance, which offer that classic look with a circular focal point. Each piece is aged and weathered to add to your garden’s period charm. Global Stone Paving’s new Victorian Paving collection presents another way to achieve the specific allure of a bygone age.

Adventurous circle arrangements

For those seeking a more unique or non-traditional look in their garden, Global Stone Paving’s Aztec sandstone collection could be perfect. Warm sandstone pieces configured in an exciting Aztec design can be combined with a selection of non-native hardy exotics that possess an Amazonian quality –yet can still flourish in the British climate. Consider the pink puya, for example, or the butterfly-like beauty of the Hippeastrum papilio.

Perfect for enhancing a focal point

The focal point of any circular paving arrangement can be enhanced by placing a large potted plant in the centre, or for those seeking a more adventurous look, a statuette. For larger gardens, two or more circles formations might help to create several points of interest in your garden. Arranging seating around a concentric paving system can also help to create a garden destination, where people are invited to not only visit, but to linger and enjoy.

Circular Paving from Global Stone Paving

Global Stone Paving’s exciting sandstone circle paving products present some wonderful possibilities for homeowners keen to realise certain garden paving ideas. Each piece is hand-picked and cut, with a riven, weathered appearance that makes for an aesthetically appealing paving layout – which is sure to provide years of pleasure.

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