Global Stone Reveals New Cutting-Edge Grass Porcelain: Pesce Aprile

At Global Stone we are continuously searching for the latest and innovative products, to keep on trend and in keeping with lifestyles of today.

Busier lifestyles require lower maintenance gardens. We are already market leaders with our porcelain paving, allowing households to spend less time maintaining their landscape, and more time enjoying it.

We are delighted to introduce you to our latest, most innovative and cutting-edge porcelain we’ve ever had:


Complete with all the features of our other porcelain paving, with the bonus of not having wet feet from stepping on dewy grass in the mornings. This is the ultimate goal for low maintenance landscaping; no more mowing the lawn!

Premium Porcelain Grass Range

We are introducing one colour to our exclusive Grass Range: Pesce Aprile.

Reminiscent of, well, grass, this is the future of landscaping and gardens.

April Fools

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