Lawnless Gardens: Exciting Outdoor Spaces With Less Lawn

The lawn is often considered fundamental to the British garden, yet many homeowners are choosing to ‘go lawnless’, focusing instead on creative paved spaces and zones that support hardy, low-maintenance plants

Benefits of lawnless

While lawns are pleasantly green and easy to grow, they do require a lot of maintenance in order to look their best. This demand on a homeowner’s time is one of the key reasons that many decide to go lawnless.

A paved area, by contrast, requires very little attention, save perhaps from the occasional leaf-sweep or hose-down.

Going lawnless also dramatically reduces water usage – which might be of particular benefit to those living in the south of England where summertime water shortages can see hosepipe bans enforced. After all, few things can make a garden look worse than a parched lawn.

In addition, keeping a lawn looking good can require a lot of chemicals.

Trending lawnless garden ideas

There are a wealth of lawnless garden design ideas currently trending, many of which focus on what to do with the space that a lawn would otherwise occupy.

In many cases, opting for an attractive paver arrangement goes a long way towards making the most of the space left by a lawn. For those who want a garden path, winding or otherwise, Global Stone’s Serenity Paving and Setts offer cool tones and a smooth texture – ideal for the more contemporary outdoor space.

For a more traditional look, Global Stone’s Old Rectory Collection brings a touch of rustic charm to any garden, offering a delightful weathered appearance.

Other focal points

Planted areas can also be created to fill up the space once occupied by a lawn. If a homeowner has chosen to say goodbye to a high maintenance grass-covered area, the chances are they will also prefer low maintenance plants. Consider shrubs and conifers, together with grasses of a complimentary colour.

From tree islands to hedges, from rockeries to wild areas, there are myriad ways to utilise space in a lawnless garden – and which are especially effective when selected with aesthetically pleasing paving layout.

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