New Products for 2019

Happy New Year!

Each year Global Stone research market trends, review the products we have in stock, and make changes based on this. We are delighted to show you our brand new products for 2019 found in our Natural Stone and Porcelain collections. We have also discontinued products from our range too. By discontinuing products, we can make way for innovations in the industry, and introduce new natural stone or porcelain paving without compromising quality.

Let’s start with our New products for 2019! We have introduced three new Porcelain ranges as well as adding new colours to our evolving Natural Stone and Porcelain collections.

Natural Stone 

For 2019, we continue to grow our Natural Stone Collection. We are delighted to add Country Buff and Country Green to our Premium Sandstone Collection, expanding our choice of colours further.


Also, due to its popularity, we are pleased to offer two new colours to the Serenity range: Ash Blend and Mandana Blend, both with a beautifully textured surface.


We have included a Basalt sett to join our Granite sett range, replacing the Storm sett which we have had trouble sourcing products with consistent quality.

Following the continuing popularity of grey products we are pleased to have introduced Pure Grey to the Gardenstone range, adding this new colour into the mix of warm tones. Perfect for either a traditional or contemporary landscape.

And finally, new in the Slate range for 2019 is the colour Silver Green. A lighter shade of grey, with a lovely hint of green.


For 2019, we have continued to innovate. We are delighted to introduce three brand new ranges: Terrazzo, Metallics & Context.

Terrazzo, which has the effect of brushed concrete and marble chips, is available in three sparkling colours, Black, Grey and White.

Metals are taking the porcelain world by storm. The new Metallics collections consists of Corten Steel, Aluminium and Platinum.



The Context range is inspired by marble, stone and terracotta. This new range includes: Dawn, Dusk & Twilight.


There is also the addition of three new colours in the versatile Siena range, introducing Westland, Rook Stone and Dark Syncro.


We have added a bold new colour to the Albero range: Blackened.

Finally, for our large format sized Premium Porcelain Six Nine Series, we have added three stunning effect designs: White Marble, Goldenstone & Rustico.


Discontinued Products

Due to changes in the market, or in situations where we cannot source products, we made the tough decision to remove the following products/sizes from our Natural Stone and Porcelain ranges:

Range Product Colour
Natural Stone
Empire Copings Pearl
1000×750 Pearl
1000×750 Castle Grey
Mirage 285×285 Mint
285×285 York Green
285×570 York Green
570×570 York Green
855×570 York Green
Serenity 285×285 Buff Brown
Linear Buff Brown
Linear York Green
External Corners Buff Brown
External Corners Mint
External Corners York Green
Coastal Project Pack Driftwood
Project Pack Samphire
Project Pack Seal
Old Rectory 1.8 Cobble Circle Buff Brown
1.8 Cobble Circle Monsoon
1.8 Cobble Circle
2.8 Circle
2.8 Circle
Project Pack
Cobble Pack
Copings 560×140
Copings 560×280
Sandstone 7.3m2 Project
7.3m2 Project
7.3m2 Project
1.8m circle + Squaring off kit
1.8m circle + Squaring off kit
1.8m circle + Squaring off kit
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones
Yorkstone Project Packs
Travertine Linear
Project Packs
Range Product
Florence Heather 400×800
Six Nine Fallow 600×900
Pave Hop 300×565
Pave Barley 300×565
Pave Malt 300×565
Toscana Almond 300×1200
Toscana Latte 300×1200
Toscana Smoke 300×1200
Albero Maple 40×120 1pc (HDL209)
Albero Alpine 40×120 1pc (HDL205)


Please note that Yorkstone will be available through Trovia.

If you would like to find out more about our new products, you can request our latest brochure for 2019 here.

Any questions on new or discontinued products? Give us a ring on:  0845 60 60 240 or email

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