Patio Ponds and Water Features

It’s not uncommon for a landscaper to be asked about incorporating a pond or water feature into a patio

But for those who have little or no experience in such garden elements, it might mean turning away work.

For others, however, it is an opportunity to learn a useful new skill – and keep existing or potential customers happy.

Patio ponds

Ponds are popular because, when edged with appropriate plant life, they attract birds, butterflies and all manner of other insect life. They can also play host to amphibious and aquatic life. Above all though, they are attractive features that can become a real focal point of a garden.

Building a pond into a patio is a considerable undertaking, and should be carefully planned in advance. While building a patio means you need to be sure there are no gas or water pipes under the ground, this is doubly true of the patio pond – since you will likely be building deeper into the ground.

Among other key considerations is the angle of the pond’s sides. A pond should be designed with sloping edges, so that when ice forms on the pond, it pushes up the way, instead of into the liner.

Free-standing ponds and water features

The ‘Pond in a Pot’ concept is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional pond. It is also much cheaper and easier to install, and is a great suggestion if a patio already exists. Water pumps can be used to create water features in such ‘pond pots’.

The best pavers for patio ponds?

When opting for a free-standing pond, the only issue is really choosing a pond product that suits the patio pavers.

However, if you are incorporating a pond into a patio, paver choice can affect how much cutting you need to do and therefore how easy it is to build.

Additionally, contemporary ponds with a rectilinear look may be best created using smooth, squared pavers such as one of Global Stone’s Petrous pavers.

However, homeowners considering a pond tend to be of the more traditional variety. Indeed, a classic garden appearance ties in with an organic-shaped pond, where nature is perhaps permitted to take over to a certain degree. For these more natural-looking ponds, which might take on a more oblong or curved appearance, Global Stone has a number of versatile and beautiful paver options.

Among these, Global Stone’s Premium Sandstone Collection may be of particular interest, offering as it does a rustic aesthetic.

Building a patio pond can be a challenge, it can also expand landscape garden portfolios and encourage lucrative additional business.

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