How Pavers Can Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

The urban homeowner often has a number of objectives for their garden

They may, for example, want it to be a play space for their children, somewhere to entertain in warmer months, as well as somewhere to grow herbs. However, given the modest size of many urban gardens, it is often tricky to successfully meet all such desires.

But there are a number of approaches you can employ to make your small garden look and feel bigger.

Focus your objectives

It’s important not to try and achieve too much. Make a short list of ‘must-haves’ and then reduce it to the bare minimum. Trying to do too much could result in a ‘bitty’ garden without any real focus.

Pavers: go large

While it may seem counter-intuitive, laying large format tiles in a small space can have a unifying effect, making a garden seem less claustrophobic. Choosing lighter-coloured pavers can also help make a space feel larger.

Global Stone Paving’s Empire collection is available in large format pavers, offering a contemporary look in pearl or castle grey. Our Serenity Paving offers a similarly modern aesthetic, in five colours (buff brown, york green, sandalwood, monsoon and aurora). Discover more about these exciting products in our new brochure.

Lighter colours for a larger feel

While they have an enlarging effect, lighter coloured pavers made of limestone or sandstone can be harder to maintain – especially in winter. Those with limited time might prefer their pavers in a more vivid colour, although this could make the garden feel more enclosed.

Low-maintenance solution

Choosing an exterior-grade porcelain paver is another option if you want lighter-coloured pavers that are so durable they require little maintenance. Take a look at Global Stone Paving’s beautiful range of petrous porcelain pavers, ideal for modern outdoor living spaces that merge seamlessly with the associated property – and vice-versa.

Global Stone’s porcelain pavers are mould-resistant – perfect in a damp climate such as ours – and are available in a variety of textures and patterns.

Making your garden seem bigger: top tips:

Create a focal point in your garden with a sculpture, water feature or bench (such as one of our Empire collection benches)
Increase the sense of space by choosing larger format pavers, even if your garden is particularly small
For a low maintenance outdoor paver, consider a porcelain product

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