Premium Porcelain Paving

Looking for a premium porcelain paving solution on trend for 2015?

The trend for garden design during 2015 continues to move towards contemporary designs, increased hard landscaping including porcelain, and using the outdoor space as an extension of the home; fulfilling our needs for both aesthetic pleasure and ease of use.

A number of products within our portfolio are perfect for the trends of 2015 and none more so than our newest range Petrous which was launched during 2014. Petrous takes its name from the latin Petrosus, and is a strong and stylish porcelain paving which lends itself to modern life.

A beautiful smooth hardwearing porcelain with consistent colour variation and easy to clean qualities, it is ideal for creating elegant seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces; providing a truly flexible solution to modern day living.

With demand for the range proving extremely popular, we are delighted to have been able to expand the range for 2015. The range now includes a Premium Porcelain paving range, with three new designs and 8 new colours, including a stunning ‘wood look’ finish which, with its smooth surface, will be perfect for your home or garden.

If you want a high quality product that will make your contemporary garden design stand out then our Petrous porcelain range is ideal.

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