Spotlight on: Porcelain Cladding Quartz Gold

Quartz Gold Porcelain Cladding

Our porcelain cladding range is available in a variety of colours and three different designs. Used for both internal and external, it is already proving popular since launching in 2017. It is great for a wide range of applications. Easy and quick to use, it is the low maintenance porcelain cladding option. So, if you want to tidy up an old wall or create beautiful planters, then our porcelain cladding could be just what you’re looking for. In this article, we focus on the glamourous Quartz Gold.

Quartz Gold porcelain cladding has an instant impact and walking up to it you can literally see it sparkle with crushed quartz crystal effect. It has a great combination of contrasting colours, with a mixture of blues, browns and yellows.

This particular porcelain cladding is reminiscent of sandstone and granite. With an ombre effect running through each individual piece, it represents a buff blend. Its texture truly feels like stone.

A great all year-rounder

The colours make for a great all year-round piece of cladding. In Spring, the subtlety of its lighter colours will bring out the vibrancy of newly blossoming flower beds. During the long Summer nights in the garden, the late sun will bounce off the quartz and sparkle. In Autumn the porcelain cladding provides a hue similar to the leaves falling from trees. Finally, Winter mornings and misty starts will again add sparkle against the colours and quartz of the porcelain cladding and brightens up a garden landscape when it gets darker.


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Installing cladding is a similar process to laying paving, though there some important  differences. Check out our guide below.

Porcelain tiles can be fixed to most walls, however all surfaces must be completely secure without any obvious curvatures and capable of carrying the additional load. The maximum fixing height for the various substrates listed below is 3.6m using a suitable wall tile adhesive. Above 3.6m mechanical fixings will be required and you should consult a specialist for the correct methods and load bearings.

As part of the process it is important that all substrate preparation products, mortar and grouts are compatible and we therefore recommend using a single source for all installation materials. You should also check your substrates suitability for tiling before selecting your adhesive. Grout joints are to personal taste and will vary depending on the product used however we recommend between 2-3mm for our Porcelain Walling/Cladding range.

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