Sandstone Paving in the Spotlight

Premium Sandstone in York Green

With its wide variation of colour, texture and shades, natural stone is one of the oldest building materials. Our natural sandstone paving remains our most popular collection. We have a wide variety of sandstone ranges, all with different textures, colours and sizes.

This article explores each of our sandstone paving ranges.

Our Sandstone paving collection includes:

Old Rectory Collection

This tumbled sandstone paving collection, gives the stone a beautifully aged look. It is available in paving, cobbles, circles, pavers, copings and walling. Tumbling the stone in a machine (like a cement mixer), results with smoother surfaces and edges.

Old Rectory sandstone paving is available in colours Castle Grey, Monsoon, Modak Rose and York Green.

Old Rectory Victorian Collection

Our Victorian range offers the same timeless elegance. Additional brushing achieves an aged appearance. Rubbing the surface of the stone with a hard bristle brush produces a worn-down appearance, that looks like it has naturally occurred over time.

Old Rectory Victorian sandstone paving and pavers are available in colours Buff Brown and York Green.

Artisan Collection

Artisan sandstone paving is a contemporary range, which captures the innate strength and natural beauty of sandstone.

The collection includes Mirage, a polished finish achieved using an abrasive to bring out the reflection of the natural crystals. The end result: a stunning glossy and very smooth surface. Serenity is shotblasted by honing the product first, peppered with shot (small beads of steel), before finally fired at a high velocity with compressed air.

Mirage sandstone paving is available in colours Castle Grey, York Green and Mint. For Serenity, the choice is Buff Brown, York Green, Ash Blend and Mandana Blend.

To add those finishing touches, there are a range of steps and copings.

Premium Sandstone Collection

The Premium Sandstone paving collection includes a wide choice of colours and sizes, which make it ideal of both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The stone is gently riven in texture, handpicked and cut, meaning that each piece is unique. Blended together, each piece makes beautiful colours and hue. The stone is taken from the ground and split along the natural lines. The edges of products are cut by hand using a chisel or hammer giving it is natural look. This results in surfaces that are riven and undulating in texture.

Our Premium Sandstone paving is available with a big choice of colours: Country Buff, Country Green, Castle Grey, Mint, Modak Rose, Buff Brown, York Green, Gold Leaf and Monsoon.


Our paving is available as a mixture of project packs and single sizes. Check out each product link for more information. Take a look at our stockist locator to find out who’s near you that sells our products.

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