Self Isolating? Get in the garden!

With the Government providing now daily updates regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have are self-isolating or social distancing, whilst companies have taken the decision to allow employees to work from home.

The Government have said it’s important to exercise, whilst maintaining a safe distance from others (at least 2 metres).

So how can you exercise without leaving the house?

Aside from personal training apps, you can download on your smartphone or tablet, now is the perfect time to get out into the garden. With Summer fast approaching, the days are getting warmer and the sun is out for longer.

Top 5 Garden Tips whilst self-isolating or social distancing:

  1. Clean your patio

After the wet winter we have had, your patio will probably need a clean. The simplest way to maintain your paving is by brushing, but also take a look at these articles for cleaning natural stone and porcelain paving or watch the videos below on cleaning your natural stone or porcelain paving to give you further ideas for more stubborn cleaning requirements.

  1. Rejoint your paving

After cleaning your paving, you may have noticed that some of your jointings has come away.

The joints between paving units can be filled with various materials. Use a sand or cement mortar to joint-most paving and setts.

Mortar Jointing

This traditional method uses a strong mortar (four parts sand to one part cement) to fill the joint. The mortar should be mixed in small quantities, approximately one 25kg bag of sand at a time. Pointing is a slow process and the mortar has a short working life (20-60 minutes depending on the time of year).

Polymeric Jointing Materials

This group of products is a modern development, and despite being more costly when compared to traditional mortar, they are much quicker to use. The polymeric mortars are made from selected sand mixed with a special resin that starts to harden when exposed to the air or to moisture. The products are simply brushed into the joints, any excess is swept off the surface of the paving, and in 12-24 hours, the material will have hardened to form a perfect joint.

More information can be found here:

Natural Stone Installation Guidelines

Porcelain Installation Guidelines

jointing or pointing paving
Rejoint broken up pieces
  1. Enhance your patio with new pots to accommodate growing plants

Should your plants be tight for space in their current pots, consider transferring them into bigger pots. Not only will it give them a new source of nutrition, it’ll boost their growth too. Additionally, use pots not only for flowers, but consider planting of vegetables – which can be both pretty and tasty.

Re accommodate plants that are getting tight in their pots and  consider planting vegetables
  1. Clean and replenish bird feeders

Should you have bird feeders in your garden, now is a really important time to keep food topped up as they will start building their nests and getting ready to brood. Clean the feeders and top up their food to keep the entire garden looking great while you are at home.

Clean your bird feeders
  1. Landscapers are still working!

Should you have paving that needs laying, landscapers are willing and waiting to hear from you! Check out the Association of Professional Landscapers or British Association of Landscape Industries to see reputable companies in your area.

Great for when you need your patio laying whilst working from home.

Are you looking for brand new paving? Look at our 2020 brochure.

Regularly check the Government website for updates on the Coronavirus.

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