Spotlight on: Midnight Limestone

Limestone suits both contemporary and traditional settings. It is an ageless material with natural texture and one that has been favoured by designers and architects for generations. Not only has it outstanding visual appeal, subtle shading and natural veining, but it is also extremely durable, ensuring that your patio looks great for years. Our Limestone range comes in four stunning colours. In this article, we focus on the colour changing Midnight Limestone.

The Midnight Limestone is the perfect stone to see Mother Nature working at her finest. The stone starts off black then, with exposure to the Sun and rain, it will naturally change to grey. It takes a few months for the stone to mature, so you can enjoy looking at a changing landscape before your eyes.

The Midnight Limestone comes in both a project pack and a sett block, making it a diverse paving to use due to the four different sized slabs within the pack. Your garden landscape and/or driveway will have a unique and exciting look.

Inspired by the stunning Midnight Limestone? Take a look here.

In order for the Midnight Limestone to keep its black colour, you can seal the paving. The result of this reduces algae and lichens establishing themselves on the surface and joints and  prevents the paving fading. If you intend on sealing the paving, make sure it is completely dry and free from efflorescence. It may take a period of time to ensure that the bed underneath has fully dried out. Always use a quality natural stone sealer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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