Spotlight on: Terrazzo

Have you noticed when visiting a hotel, spa or swimming pool, the sparkling flooring making your experience so much more…glamorous? That will be Terrazzo.

Terrazzo is not only popular indoors, but outdoors too. Take the Hollywood Walk of Fame for example; the 1920’s designed flooring is one of the most glamourous streets in the world. It’s sparke, is long standing and simply gorgeous to look at.

It only makes sense that Global Stone now stock porcelain Terrazzo, adding true glamour to your garden landscape.  Our range consists of three colours, black, grey and white, complete with a hint of sparkle; ideal for contemporary and traditional designs.

Terrazzo Black
Terrazzo Grey
Terrazzo White

New for 2018/19 the Terrazzo porcelain paving is a classic chic style. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘terra’ meaning ground and Italian for terrace. Traditionally made by mixing small chips of marble with cement to form a tile, Terrazzo originates back to the ancient mosaics in Egypt from 9000 BC but is more commonly known to originate in Italy from around 15th century Venice. The Italians wanted a cost-effective way to lay out their terraces and found the method of concrete waste and marble was a great combination. Over the centuries, Terrazzo was the choice for the grandest of Italian homes, with it being the most popular around the world during the 1920’s art deco era.

“Nice to see 1920’s chic back in style” – Paul, Colchester

Terrazzo has the 1920’s looks for the 2020’s lifestyle, classically designed porcelain for the modern garden. Just like the natural material, the porcelain paving is hard wearing, but has the added benefits of low moisture absorption, and being highly resistant to severe weather including heat, frost and cold. It is almost totally impervious to moisture and not impacted by salts, oils and chemicals.

Porcelain is very low maintenance, making it easy to clean with mild detergents, brushing or jet washing, making it the perfect solution for the modern garden and lifestyle.

Fancy some Italian glamour? Take a look at the Terrazzo range.

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