How to Create Your Outdoor Paradise with Stone Fire Pit BBQ: A Guide

Stone Fire Pit BBQ

Who does not want to gather around a crackling fire when the sun sets? A fire pit allows us to extend our outdoor events by providing light and warmth. While you may readily achieve each of these things with outdoor lighting and an electric patio heater, nothing beats the ambient glow of a real fire – not to mention the enticing smell – for creating a cosy ambience.

The simple pit, unlike its finer relative, the chiminea, is a more useful device. However, it is frequently used as an impromptu BBQ due to its basic construction. Stone fire pit BBQ has become immensely popular among homeowners in the UK. Here are a few tips that you can follow while installing a fire pit to create your outdoor heaven:

What To Include in Your Outdoor Paradise?

A stone fire pit BBQ can be effectively utilised to create a stunning outdoor space. But apart from this essential item, you also need a suitable seating space with an outdoor kitchen to truly transform your outdoor area.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a simple yet effective way to build your own BBQ. It will not take up much space in the garden, meaning you can bring furniture (or wooden stumps) to sit on and put away when you do not need them. When the stone fire pit BBQ is not in use, you can fill it with water and add some fish or water plants, making it a two in one focal point!

Check out our guide on building a firepit. We have explained how you can design and build your stone fire pit BBQ without much hassle.

For safety reasons, only use fire bricks inside the fire pit. Do not use Global Stone products inside the fire pit.

Stone Island

A stone island is almost the same as a fire pit but taller, more comprehensive and can be cladded. Depending on how large you build it, they can also make for a good seating area surrounding the pit. Add your placemats around the edges and enjoy a sit-down meal with the informality of a firepit. Stone islands are a great build your own BBQ design.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you already own a BBQ, you could incorporate it within a new outdoor kitchen area. Worktops and splashback walling for preparing food can be used with natural stone and porcelain paving. While you are there, you could continue the paving into the eating area and through the garden! You can also create a small stone masonry BBQ in the kitchen area if your garden is too small to accommodate a normal one! Further, you can add natural stone sculptures to complete your garden look.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Building Outdoor Stone BBQ


Every fire pit needs fuel to burn. It is important to consider some factors like price, availability and ecological impact while selecting the right fuel for your outdoor fire pit.


Wood is a traditional fire fuel that adds a beautiful smoky flavour to food. It is perfect if you have enough regular supply of wood to fulfil your outdoor stone bbq needs.


Gas could be another alternative to fuel up your fire pit. It is very inexpensive to connect the fire pit to your mainline. Even if you cannot do so, gas is available at a very affordable price in canisters.


If you are looking for fuel that can stay hot for longer durations, charcoal is the perfect option. Charcoal is great for keeping yourself warm throughout the longer evenings. It is slower to warm up but will stay hot for hours after cooking. Charcoal is the perfect fuel for beginners who want to try their hand at stone fire pit bbq.

Best Stone To Use

You can use Old Rectory Victorian Pavers to line the outside of your stone fire pit bbq, then surround the pit with a circle from the same range. From there, Old Rectory walling topped with coping or setts could be used to create seating areas.

If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, installing a natural stone fire pit could be great.

A stone fire pit transforms your outside space into a destination. You and your guests will be pulled to a fire feature in the evening, like moths to a flame, to relax, enjoy food and drinks, get warm, and enjoy each other’s company. While portable fire pits are appropriate in some contexts, stone fire pits are more permanent and are more likely to blend in with a home’s environment and surroundings.

Safety Measures You Must Follow

Of course, when you build a pit, you want to make sure you use it safely. The majority of the firepit rules are self-evident. For example, make sure you never leave it alone while it’s on fire. You will also need to keep the pit at least twenty-five feet away from your house and any combustible materials you may have lying around in most circumstances.

It is important to keep in mind that the fire should not be too big. Your fire pit can be as large as you want, but it should not be larger than three feet in diameter. If you are going to use a wood-burning pit, do not use treated or painted wood.

As a safety disclaimer, we do not recommend using Global Stone natural stone and porcelain paving and pavers to build your own BBQ. The paving would be used to decorate and finalise the areas around the BBQ itself.

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