Best Garden Features: Top 5

Why Summer is the busiest time of year for updating gardens.

Garden centres and merchants are typically buzzing with interest from customers seeking out the best ways to create a new look for their outdoor spaces, whether it be installing a new patio, or buying some new plants.

We have come up with the top five best garden features to inspire ideas for you this Summer.

  1. Fencing

Fencing is the feature that gives the garden a protective hug. But your borders don’t necessarily have to be the standard wooden panelling we’ve all come to know. We love these gorgeous handmade panels, based on the Siesta fencing panels by Denbigh Timber Products. Covers also feature the Siesta panels in their 2020 brochure on page 66.

Best Garden Features Number 1: Albero Oak with Siesta Fencing Panels by Denbigh Timber Products

This will team up beautifully with our wood effect porcelain paving Albero, or any paving with an earthy colour. You can paint the fencing panels any colour, which will make your surrounding greenery literally pop.

  1. Creative flower beds

Pots and plants with shrubs surrounding a border of your garden doesn’t need to be ‘traditional’. Enhance your flower beds by decorating them with reclaimed stone that has not been used. Or, if you’ve recently landscaped your garden and there are leftover materials (such as clay pavers), prop them up at 45-degree angles against each other to create a simple, yet effective walled flower bed.

Custom made flower beds are the best garden features for adding levelled areas. Why not create sectioned areas for growing vegetables and fruit? Perfect for the ever-popular grow your own trend in 2020.

Natural Stone Clay Pavers Mellow Blend making a circular wall filled with soil and plants
Best Garden Features Number 2: Create customer flower beds with leftover clay pavers
  1. Sculptures

Sculptures are the best garden features to create a focal point in the garden. Whether they be a traditional sandstone water feature or a contemporary figure. Stick with similar sculptures that work well together, thus creating a theme for the garden.

Sculptures let visitors in on your character, a sneak peak of your personality if you will. Place sculptures amongst bright and colourful planting or with colour contrasting paving or cladding to add interest and variety.

porcelain paving and cladding with sculpture
Best Garden Features Number 3: Add a Sculpture to your landscape e.g. Porcelain Paving Mixed Size Series & Porcelain Cladding Quartz Iron
  1. Lighting

Lighting is the best garden features to lengthen your warm evenings outside. Garden lighting is best kept soft for relaxing, whether it be solar lanterns, string lights or spotlights. Strategically hide spotlights within your plants, or string multi coloured lanterns along your fencing.

Going back to the point about having similar structures, the same should be said for lighting. Try to keep the feel of the lighting the same throughout the garden.

Porcelain Paving Toscana Almond at night with lighting
Best Garden Features Number 4: Be strategic with your lighting in your garden like this porcelain paving in Toscana Almond
  1. Seating areas

Sometimes you just need down time. Create a zone in your garden to rest, reflect on your goals and achievements for the day and, ultimately, relax by yourself. You could choose a traditional iron bench, or go for a contemporary option, such as sandstone or granite benches.

Of course, these benches also work around a table or firepit, matching up with sandstone or granite stone paving.

sandstone seating
Best Garden Features Number 5: Find a zone for some you time with a bench

We hope you’ve been inspired by our top five best garden features article. Global Stone provide natural stone and porcelain paving suited for any type of landscape. Take a closer look at our products to complement your new look features in our 2020 brochure.

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