Global Stone are pleased to be working in partnership with one of the leading UK premium suppliers of maintenance products.

Despite what is claimed, there is no such thing as maintenance free paving. All paving needs a little attention to keep it in good condition. By choosing Global Stone you have started with good quality paving and so your maintenance requirements should be lower but depends very much on the products you have chosen.

From algae, efflorescence, stain, calcium and black stop remover, we offer a huge range of top-quality products to suit all maintenance needs for your natural stone paving.

For porcelain, we have an exclusive article with recommendations on how to clean your paving, just using a simple rubber brush and easy to make home-made detergent.

Natural Stone

The simplest maintenance is brushing. Regular sweeping will remove detritus before it has a chance to stain or damage the paving. Where stains have occurred, there are many products available claiming to be the perfect cleaning solution. Care is required as some of these cleaning products, which are based on, or include hydrochloric acid, can damage the paving surface and make worse the existing stain, or create a new stain. Most stains can be removed with a mild soap and hot water.

While hosing down a paved area every few weeks is unlikely to do any long-term damage to natural paving, power washers can cause damage. The force of the water exploits any minor cracks or weaknesses and blasts out loose stone or slightly weak jointing. While they can rejuvenate tired, dirty paving, regular use will often do more harm than good. If you find that your paving gets dirty very quickly consider using a quality sealant to protect it rather than abrade the surface on a weekly basis with a power washer.


Porcelain benefits from being hard wearing, scratch and abrasion resistant and slip resistant; making it the perfect outdoor entertainment paving. However, there is no such thing as a maintenance free paving, but your porcelain will not require much effort to keep it in great condition.

Thanks to its hardness and weather-resistance, porcelain paving tiles can be cleaned with almost any detergent. However, we recommend simply using a mild detergent and a water jet. For greater convenience and to avoid potential limescale deposits forming, we recommend facilitating drainage with a rubber brush. Read more about our recommendations here.

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Troubleshooting Guide

This guide has been designed to be an easy to use reference for any landscaper or DIY enthusiast, to help identify natural occurences and installation issues when using natural stone and porcelain paving.